How to Beat Stone Talus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Is the Tears Kingdom Stone Talus making it difficult for you in the game? Do not worry, our guide will tell you how to beat this boss.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom introduces players to a vast and challenging world filled with powerful enemies. Among these enemies, the Stone Talus stands out as a fearsome boss that guards valuable resources within the game. 

The Stone Talus is one of the earliest open-world bosses you will encounter in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. These colossal stone monsters share similarities with the Battle Talus from the previous game, Breath of the Wild. However, the Tears Kingdom Stone Talus are faster, making the encounter more challenging and intense. In this guide, we will give you effective strategies and tips to defeat the Tears Kingdom Stone Talus and emerge victorious in your quest. 


Tears Kingdom Stone Talus Location

The Stone Talus can be found roaming the Hyrule plains and the regions surrounding the icy mountains of Lanayru. When exploring Hyrule, keep a keen eye out for their presence. Often, they will be accompanied by a group of Bokoblins or Lizalfos, creating a dynamic and complex battle scenario. It is advisable to dispatch the smaller enemies first before focusing all your attention on the Stone Talus.

How to beat Tears Kingdom Stone Talus

Tears Kingdom Stone Talus Weaknesses

To defeat the Tears Kingdom Stone Talus effectively, it is crucial to understand its weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage. These colossal creatures are vulnerable to both direct melee and ranged attacks. However, a strategic approach is required to deal significant damage.

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One of the most efficient methods is to use a Construct Bow, a powerful ranged weapon that allows you to strike from a distance. Aim for the crystal on the Stone Talus’s back, as it is the creature’s weak spot. By targeting this vulnerable area, you can chip away at the boss’s health and steadily bring it down.

Elemental Arrows

The Tears Kingdom Stone Talus displays a particular vulnerability to lightning and frost. To maximize your damage output, consider using arrows imbued with these elemental affinities. The electrifying force of lightning arrows and the chilling power of frost arrows can significantly weaken the Stone Talus, turning the tide of the battle in your favor.

Replenishing your stock of elemental arrows and explosive arrows is essential for any encounter with the Stone Talus. Visit the Kara Kara Bazaar in Gerudo Town or the trader at Kakariko Village to restock your inventory and ensure you have an ample supply of these potent projectiles.


Scaling the Stone Talus

For the daring and skillful adventurers, an alternative approach is to scale the Tears Kingdom Stone Talus and launch a direct assault on the crystal on its back using a powerful melee weapon. This method allows you to conserve your elemental ammunition while still inflicting substantial damage. Choose your strongest melee weapon and go on a perilous climb to reach the vulnerable spot atop the Stone Talus.

Remember to be aware during this approach, as the Stone Talus may attempt to shake you off by violently moving its body. Stay nimble and agile to maintain your balance and continue your assault until victory is achieved.

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