How to Beat Red Death in Vampire Survivors

You can defeat the Red Death boss in Vampire Survivors by following our simple tips and tricks. Check our guide to know more. 

Vampire Survivors from the team of Poncle is a time-based survival horror thriller. The RPG has Roguelike elements and you need to take on every vampire to progress in the campaign. Fight against vampires and other creatures at night. Hundreds of monsters need to be killed and that’s not an easy task. Every vampire is menacing to battle against. Red Death is an evil monster that you will witness after surviving 30 minutes in each stage. Red Death is a dangerous reaper with high HP and damage. An evil monster with enormous powers and moves can be hard to take on in this battle.

This boss uses the Death Spiral weapon and unleashes combos to counter its opponents. Red Death is a powerful tank with incredible powers and skills. You need to equip the best set of weapons and armor to fight against the red death. The boss also has extremely high movement speed and you need to negate its moves quickly to avoid incoming damage and attacks. You can also unlock Mask of the Red Death Skin, a secret playable character in Vampire Survivors. To those who are looking for the best tips and tricks to beat and kill the red death in Vampire Survivors, here’s our easy guide with the best strategy to take on the mighty Red Death boss in the game.

Tips and Tricks to Defeat Red Death Boss in Vampire Survivors 

The Reaper, Red Death boss spawns once you cross thirty minutes in any stage or mode. Red Death is vigorous and aggressive. You have to equip various items and weapons to compete against him. Play with Gallo, Toastie, or Suor Clerici.  The boss’ health, might, and movement speed stats are always more than +100%. Red Death can deal more than 65000 DPS and has more than 60000 health points. This is x10 times more than your characters. Use evolved weapons like Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor.

You need to evolve Gold Ring, Silver Ring, and Clock Lancet for Infinite Corridor.  For Crimson Shroud, you need to evolve Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, and Laurel. Equip Bracer, Out of Bounds, and many PowerUps.  All these will help you to survive against the dangerous monster. The boss spawns once you reach the 30th-minute mark in all game modes and stages. All other enemies will vanish from the zone and you will be up against the Red Death boss immediately.

The power ups are your best stats for countering his moves. You can also use Amount PowerUp for better results. Every PowerUp is essential and you can’t defeat the boss without this item. Then additionally you can also utilize revival stat, Santa water, Spellbinder passive item, and Runetracer weapons. Whenever you find a red gem, make sure to quickly collect it. 

Initiate the battle in Inlaid Library, the second stage in the game. Red Death uses Axe and Death Spiral simultaneously to attack. The boss also has the best movement speed, health, damage, and might stats. You need to counter all his moves with your weapon and other skills. Use PowerUp to increase your stats and Spellbinder for the duration. Use a duplicator to unleash more projectiles. You can also acquire a magical wand that releases magical projectiles making the boss vulnerable against your moves. 

Find a green gem to unlock more Runetracer. You can hide behind a table or clock. Use Infinite Corridor initially to inflict huge damage and let your characters hide behind Santa water. Crimson Shroud allows you to avoid damage. Suor Clerici has the best HP and the character can utilize Santa water to deal heavy damage every second. 

Utilize area bonus effects along with revival to negate the boss’ moves. Spinach can increase your damage and might stats. You can ignore the knife for this battle against the Red Death boss.  As knife doesn’t get you the best results and it will also easily break once you are hit by enemy’s attacks.

Your best strategy against the boss is to mix up and use both Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud to quickly complete the challenge. Your damage gets increased and your health will also remain the same for most parts against the Red Death boss. 


The IV Awake Arcana is the best Arcana against the boss. It increases and buffs your armor, might, projectile speed, and HP stats. It will also increase your revival stats. You can also use other Arcana for better results against the boss. Arcana will be a great addition for this battle against the Red Death boss.

Continue with this strategy. You can utilize revival and power ups constantly to overcome his combos and damage. The boss can make an explosion in a single attack and you need to use your weapons to avoid it. The battle against the Red Death boss will be a long one and you have to survive and endure his attacks to win the challenge. After defeating Red Death, you can claim his playable character skin for 666 coins from the in-game item shop.  After killing Red Death, you can get the mask and unlock his character. Then you can proceed to defeat other death bosses in the game. The white death boss is another powerful and dangerous monster to compete against. You will get rewards and skins for killing every Reaper enemy in the Bestiary.

Vampire Survivors Red Death
Red death boss

That’s how you can defeat and kill the Red Death boss in Vampire Survivors. Complete the challenge and get new rewards. Then you can start to complete other challenging missions against the dangerous monsters. We will come back with more Vampire Survivors updates and guides soon. 

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