How to Beat Echo of Neltharion in WoW Dragonflight

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Want to know how to take down WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion? This guide has all the tips and tricks for this boss fight.

Echo of Neltharion is the second to the last boss in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, of World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight. This raid encounter is a replica of the Earth Warden Neltharion, who eventually turns into Deathwing in Warcraft lore. Therefore, the fight is expected to be challenging, but it’s worth the effort. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about beating WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion, including abilities, phases, and more.

How to Beat Echo of Neltharion in WoW Dragonflight

For World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players, Echo of Neltharion can be a challenging boss to take down. However, with the right strategies and positioning, victory is possible. The Echo of Neltharion is the boss before Sarkareth. The battle has three phases with an intermission before the second phase.

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The strategy for this raid encounter is to deal with the walls of earth that the Echo of Neltharion creates. Players will need to break holes in them to ensure that the Volcanic Heart ability passes through them. However, the wall patterns can differ, and it’s best to follow the patterns.

Important Abilities

The WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion has specific abilities for each phase. In phase one, the boss begins with Twisted Earth, and each wall pattern is unique to that phase. These walls cannot be damaged or jumped over, and only the boss abilities can harm them. 

The walls repair throughout a phase, and they interfere with the line of sight, so healers need to see other players. Rushing Darkness is used in all phases of the fight and targets players, knocking them away temporarily destroying the section hit if it hits a wall. Shattered Walls sends Shattered Rocks flying, which players need to avoid.

WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion: Phase One

In phase one of the WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion fight, the tank holds the boss in the center, creating a cross shape. Players should use Rushing Darkness to break down at least one wall, and the person with Volcanic Heart should head to that spot and stay away from other players. Tanks should use Calamitous Strike to an adjacent wall. 

The boss also has Echoing Fissure, which deals damage around himself and to all other players. The attack will then echo at each previous location it was cast, causing Collapsed Earth and spreading Seeping Lava.

The fight will continue until the boss hits 70%, and then the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight fight enters a brief intermission. Players need to avoid various swirling damage pools that deal heavy damage and stun them.

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WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion: Phase Two

Reposition the boss, and once Surrender to Corruption is cast, phase two is about to begin. A few players will be targeted with Corruption a few seconds before it happens, and they should move away from the rest of the group to avoid cleave damage and more dots. Healers should prepare for incoming damage by dropping some HoTs on them. 

Players will also need to contend with Voice from Beyond, which spawns three adds. In Normal difficulty, all they do is channel the boss, and when he gets to 35% hp, they’ll shield him. Players need to kill all the adds to start phase three.

WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion: Phase Three

In phase three of the WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion fight, players need to watch out for Shattered Walls and deal with the Volcanic Heart ability. The boss also has Dark Breath, which deals massive damage in front of the boss and leaves behind a DoT effect. Players should move out of the way as soon as possible.

In this boss fight, tanks will face a unique challenge in the form of Sunder Shadow, which rips out a player’s soul and creates walls that they can walk through. After a delay, Echo of Neltharion will knock the player’s body into the soul, destroying whatever wall they are passing through. Ideally, players should aim for a cross section between two walls. It’s also important to remember to taunt swap after each time Sunder Shadow is cast.

Echo of Neltharion
Echo of Neltharion

During Phase 2, Umbral Annihilation is a significant threat, as it increases its damage by 100% each time it is cast. To prevent this, players must quickly DPS the boss down to trigger Phase 3 before Umbral Annihilation can one-shot the raiding party.

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Phase 3 can be tricky, as it’s not entirely clear what the wall pattern will be. However, players should move Echo of Neltharion to the edge of the room to reduce the number of walls that will be destroyed when he casts Sunder Reality.

In this phase, Neltharion will rip Twisted Earth into portals, each of which will constantly spawn Twisted Abberations. To minimize damage, players should stand on a portal, reducing damage taken from Ebon Destruction by 99%. Multiple teammates can stand on the same portal to avoid death.

Heroic Difficulty

For players taking on the Heroic difficulty of WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion, a few additional changes must be kept in mind. Voice from Beyond’s adds will be Hidden in Void, and players will need to break their shield down as fast as possible to deal damage. Twisted Abberations will also build stacks of Unstable Mutation, increasing their damage dealt every two seconds.

Final Thoughts

Taking down WoW Dragonflight Echo of Neltharion requires careful planning and execution. However, with the right strategies and positioning, players can unlock their Tier Shoulderplates and other valuable loot, including the Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood weapon. Keep these tips in mind and take your raiding party to victory.

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