How much money did Lewis Hamilton make in 2021?

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Find out all you need to know about how much money did Lewis Hamilton make in 2021

Lewis Hamilton is arguably the best F1 driver the sport has ever seen. In fact, he is the most successful racer ever to have graced the sport. Accolades like these have helped Hamilton to earn more money than he knows what to do with.

Hamilton is the highest paid racer in F1, in fact, he is one of the highest-paid athletes around the world. Interestingly, his base salary in F1 is more than double of his on-track rival Max Verstappen. With that being said, let’s take a look at how much money did Hamilton make in 2021?

Lewis Hamilton 2021 earnings

According to Forbes, Lewis Hamilton was projected to do over $66 million from F1 alone in 2021. The figure includes a $55 million base salary and roughly $11 million through on-track performances bonuses. Interestingly, the Brit earned the same amount last year. Besides his stupendous earnings from Formula One, Hamilton also earns millions of dollars from sponsorships each year.

Hamilton with his LaFerrari
Hamilton with his LaFerrari (Twitter)

However, Hamilton’s earnings from sponsorship deals have not been made public as of yet. It is safe to say that the Brit has earned over $75 million over the past year including earnings from Formula One and sponsorships. Thanks to his over the top earnings each year, Hamilton has acquired a net worth of roughly $400 million.

Lewis Hamilton 2021 F1 recap

Coming into the 2021 season, Hamilton was a seven-time world champion. He was eager to get his hands on his eighth world championship and surpass Michael Schumacher to become the racer with most world championships. At one point in the season, Verstappen had built a commanding lead at the top of the standings and the Brit’s dream of winning the championship looked to be fading.

However, Hamilton was not ready to give up. The Mercedes driver went on to produce some of his best performances and brought down the point gap to zero before the final race of the season. Abu Dhabi GP was the final obstacle in front of Hamilton and he just needed to finish above Verstappen to get his hands on his eighth championship.

Hamilton led for a large chunk of the race and it looked like the Brit was on course to make history. However, an untimely crash of Nicholas Latifi changed the outcome of the race. A yellow flag was shown and the race was halted which gave Verstappen to come in with fresh tires. This allowed Verstappen to overtake Hamilton in the last lap of the race and stop the Brit from winning his eighth world championship. Hamilton will certainly come into the 2022 season with much more aggression and eventually win his eighth world championship.

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