Genshin Impact Mika Build – Best Weapons, Artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Mika Build

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With the help of the Genshin Impact Mika Build, you will learn about the best weapons and artifacts you should use for Mika.

Building Mika as a strong character is a simple process. To maximize his effectiveness, players should utilize both his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst together. Prioritizing HP% and Energy Recharge stats will enhance his support capabilities. Mika can effectively use a range of artifact sets, including the Ocean-Hued Clam. 

As with other top-performing support characters, Mika can benefit greatly from utilizing artifact sets such as the highly-regarded Noblesse Oblige. This Genshin Impact Mika Build will help you to select the best weapons and artifacts for Mika.


Genshin Impact Mika Build – Best Weapon

Mika, a support character whose healing capability scales with HP%, has limited weapon options with HP% as the secondary stat. The only option available is the 3-star Black Tassel. To fully utilize Mika’s support abilities, it’s recommended that players equip him with a weapon having Energy Recharge as the secondary stat. This will allow Mika to maintain a consistent uptime on his potent Elemental Burst. It has a high energy requirement of 70. Thankfully, there are several polearm options to choose from.

The top choice for Mika would technically be the 5-star Engulfing Lightning. It has the highest Energy Recharge secondary stat. However, it may not be accessible to many players. A great alternative that requires minimal investment is the 4-star Favonius Lance. It is named after a member of the Knights of Favonius. Players can also consider some free-to-play options such as Prototype Starglitter and The Catch, with the former being one of the many forgeable weapons.

Genshin Impact Mika Build – Best Artifacts

When it comes to choosing the best artifact set for Genshin Impact Mika Build, the player’s preferred playstyle and the availability of certain sets should be taken into account. 

One viable option is to build him entirely with healing-focused sets, such as the 4-piece Ocean-Hued Clam or Maiden’s Beloved. However, the latter is not as highly recommended. The Tenacity of the Millelith 4-piece set can be useful for many support characters and greatly benefit Eula. However, Mika cannot fully use its 4-piece bonus as his Elemental Skill does not consistently hit enemies. Nonetheless, players can still take advantage of its 4-piece bonus by equipping it on another character, like Zhongli, while using Mika.

For Mika, the Noblesse Oblige set can be an excellent option since it offers an ATK buff to all teammates for 12 seconds after using an Elemental Burst. This can enhance Mika’s already strong support abilities. It allows him to provide even more buffs. If the team includes a shielder such as Zhongli, this set can be particularly helpful as it reduces the need for healing.

If players do not have access to the Ocean-Hued Clam or Noblesse Oblige sets or require more HP% or Energy Recharge, they can opt for a combination. This combination is of the 2-piece Tenacity of the Millelith and the 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate sets. 

Mixing and matching different sets can help players find the best fit for their playstyle and team composition. Some of the combinations that can be considered include:

  • 2-piece Energy Recharge +20% and 2-piece HP increased by 20%
  • 2-piece Healing Bonus +15% and 2-piece HP increased by 20%
  • 2-piece Healing Bonus +15% and 2-piece Healing Bonus +15%
  • 2-piece Energy Recharge +20% and 2-piece Healing Bonus +15%

Main Stats

To optimize Mika’s performance, it is advisable to focus on HP% as the main stat for each of his artifacts. Prioritizing this stat will help enhance Mika’s scaling with HP%. Players can also choose to prioritize Healing Effectiveness over HP% on the Circlet or select an Energy Recharge piece if their sub-stats or weapon do not already provide sufficient Energy Recharge.


Sub Stats

When selecting sub-stats for Genshin Impact Mika Build, players should prioritize HP% first. Then prioritize the Energy Recharge, Crit Rate/DMG, and Flat HP in that order. If players are using the Favonius Lance, which is a cost-effective weapon for Mika, having a high Crit Rate value is crucial. Combining the sub-stats and Cryo resonance can increase Mika’s consistency as a battery. 

It is crucial to maintain a balance between HP% and Energy Recharge, as having too much or too little of either can lead to diminishing returns. However, the priority order of these stats may vary based on the team composition and the type of weapon being used.

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