Genshin Impact Apple Locations – Easy Farming Guide

Apples are great resource items in Genshin Impact, if you are looking for the best farming route and apple locations of Genshin Impact, check the Genshin Impact Apple Locations – Easy Farming Guide here.

In Genshin Impact Apples are not only a food item, but they are also a basic resource that travelers may consume for several benefits. The best ways to utilize Apples can be for restoring your Health, using them for challenges and other major events like Marvelous Merchandise and Five Flushes of Fortune. You can use the Apples for the quests in exchange to get some reward items for free.

If you are looking for the best Apple locations and Farming routes in Genshin, here is our easy Farming Guide for Apples in Genshin Impact along with the locations where these Apples are scattered around. Check out the Apple locations and farming guide for Genshin Impact below.

Genshin Impact Apple Locations

Apples are found at many locations in Genshin Impact, here are the best farming routes and locations for Apples. You need to explore each and every part of these Apple Locations, as they are scattered and spread around all over these spots. Mostly look for the apples on the trees, then on the ground and boxes.


Monstadt is the first location you may explore to obtain more apples, here you will find more on trees or on the ground itself. At Monstadt, locate yourselves to Starfell Lake at the Starfell Valley to find more apples. Next travelers may visit the Wolvendom subarea which is at the Windwail Highland, Monstadt.
The next best location to farm Apples at Monstadt is Dawn Winery, here you may get more Apples than the other two spots. Dawn Winery is located South of Wolvendom, and most of the Apple trees will drop around 20 apples at a time.

Go to the Trees and Forests near Stormbearer Mountains at Starfell Valley to acquire more apples. Finally, you can visit Springvale and Whispering Woods to farm more apples in Monstadt. Monstadt holds more apples than the other regions of Genshin Impact, if you are looking for an umpteen number of apples then you can explore the entire region of Monstadt, especially the Apple trees at Monstadt alone should suffice your needs.

Genshin Impact Apple Locations
Monstadt Apple Locations


The next best location to farm Apples is to explore the Liyue region. Liyue location grants the travelers of Genshin Impact so many apples. Visit the Bolai Merchant in Liyue Harbor, the Altar in Qingce Village, and the Western Teleport Waypoint of Liyue to get more Apples here. The Bolai Merchant who runs Wanyou Boutique Shop sells Apples for 240 Mora, you can buy 10 Apples maximum per day from the Bolai shop to use for the latest Marvelous Merchandise event of Genshin Impact.

Next travelers can teleport to Guili Plains, and find the trees at the Wooden Bridge which is near the hills, there you will be able to farm more apples. You can look for more Apples near the surrounding Apple trees near the Guili Plains. Sometimes the Apples are on the trees and most of the time the wild animals eat these Apples.

Genshin Impact Apple Locations
Monstadt Apple Locations

More Apple Locations in Genshin Impact

Apart from the above-mentioned spots, travelers can get apples in most of the Sumeru regions. Find Apples on trees of Monstadt, Boxes, and Investigation locations. Waypoint of Qingce village, Open World locations, and Wild regions all over Teyvat are the other best spots to farm Apples for the events. Most of these apples are seen hanging on the trees themselves, while the rest are found on the ground and in shops. The Apple shops are reset every 3 days, while the other Apple locations will automatically refresh every day. 

Destructible crates and barrels will randomly drop apples for the travelers who investigate these spots. The Northern Waypoint in Brightcrown Canyon, Galesong Hill of Monstadt, Dilhua Marsh, and Wangshu Inn in Liyue are some of the other famous spots to Farm apples in Genshin Impact.

All these are the best locations to get, farm, and buy Apples in Genshin Impact. Explore all the major regions of Teyvat to find and farm more Apples. The apples are not available in Inazuma as of now, but Monstadt and Liyue locations have more than enough Apples for the players. Get the Apples from these locations to complete the quests and events of Genshin Impact.

Apple uses in Genshin Impact

Apples are basic resources and food items that are used for various purposes in Genshin Impact. Travelers mostly utilize Apples for Events, Restoring 300 health, Crafting, Cooking, and as an Ingredient for other recipe items. Apples also have the potential to increase your ATK and DMG stats. Sometimes you need these Apples for Fetch Quests, Daily Commissions, Reputation Quests, and Marvelous Merchandise events.

Genshin Impact Apple Locations
Genshin Impact Apple

A food item that offers several benefits to the travelers of Genshin Impact are available at most of the locations, trees, and as a drop. If you are unable to fetch more Apples, explore and visit the locations which are mentioned above. Else if you have more Mora, then purchase it from the Bolai’s boutique shop at the Liyue Harbor.

That’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Apple Locations and Farming Guide. The Marvelous Merchandise event is happening right now, participate in the event to grab some of the best rewards from Genshin Impact and it’s expected to last till December 5, 2022.

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