Fortnite Myths: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

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Are there any Fortnite Myths? Scroll down to know some shocking and astonishing myths stories that have been floating around the internet.

Fortnite is an incredible battle royale and adventure game. There are many features and content with 3 in-game modes. Players of Fortnite are well aware of missions, events, weapons, and many more in-game features. Various leaks and rumors about Fortnite keep coming every day. Not everyone believes all these and there tons of Fortnite Myths as well. Fortnite Myths are something that increases your hype every time you play the game.

No one knows which of the myths are actually true. Unless and until you believe, these are always myths in Fortnite. Though it may be true or not, yet these Fortnite Myths have been interesting. Many say many things about Fortnite and one can’t come to a conclusion just like that without verifying. Here are some common myths about Fortnite and know which of these are true here.

Fortnite Myths in 2023! – Are These Real?

Fortnite Myths keep coming during every season and chapter. Some myths are misleading and rest have been true as well. Here are some common myths of Fortnite and some of them are getting debunked as well.

Fortnite Myths
  • Raptor The Fastest Animal – Fortnite’s wildlife has a plethora of animals. Many say Raptor has the best movement speed and sprinting techniques. This is not true as the dragon-like Raptors have good movement speed, yet there are many animals better than Raptor. Even you can build using Raptors and reach higher ground levels as well 
  • Cybertron Cannon, the Explosive mythic weapon can help you avoid getting Fall Damage. This Myth is not a myth anymore, as several Fortnite players have proven it right already. Cybertron Cannons can save your life and prevent fall damage as well. You can fish with this amazing mythic weapon
  • You can attack NPCs and vehicles with the Fortnite kinetic boomerang weapons. And with the perfect timing, you can explore kinetic boomerang and attack through walls and structures. This has been working well.
  • Victory Crown Mythic Item – This mythic emote was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 and there was a myth that players can store it in tents. This is false as Fortnite YouTubers have already debunked this misconception and it rather gets stored in its own slot. Victory Crown is also a Battle Royale Mechanic that you can achieve after securing a Victory Royale in the game’s battles
  • There’s another saying that you can’t kill and loot from a downed NPC at the loot lake. This is another baseless rumor and players have been able to kill and loot them as well in every season and chapter
  • Trade Killing – Some Fortnite players believe trade kills are possible in Fortnite. This has both been true and a myth. Trade kills with Sniper Rifles are possible, but with Assault Rifles  and Shotguns, trade kills don’t work as only one get killed/eliminated and the other one survives
  • Slurp Plants can provide extra shields and this juice also heals you frequently. Slurp Plants respawn after 30-40 seconds and this has been confirmed. So, make sure to get extra shields and HP points every time
  • There’s another strong Myth cactus plants deal damage to players and can reduce their hp. No, this is just another myth as you don’t get exposed to cactus plants. Cactus plants are only seen in rare locations and this should not be a problem again
  • Fishing with rifles in Fortnite was a myth before the arrival of the Explosive Repeater Rifle. Yes, you can fish with the Explosive Sniper Repeater Rifle across all fishing spots on islands 
  • Going invisible is an excellent mechanic in Fortnite. Players can even use this feature while riding on a Wolf. Yes, the invisibility gauntlets feature works for real and you can try out on this as well
  • Jumping into a garbage or trash can changes the sky’s colors. Yes, this has been proven as well and you can simply plunge down into a garbage can and see the magic
  • You can shoot while riding on a Motorcycle – Yes it’s possible to shoot and unleash attacks on random opponents while driving a motorcycle. Also, you can do wheeling as well.
  • With Fortnite Forecast Perks, you can guess the following zones and predict the storm circles as well
  • Klomberries are back to the island – Fortnite prominent wildlife is Klombo and you can feed them with Klombo Berry. Klomberries have started to spawn again after missing out for a while.
  • You can still commit arson and ignite a raging blaze on those buildings, trees, forts, and structures. Also, the chickens started to spawn again and you can get meat drop as rewards 
  • Fortnite inspired from real life stories? The myth that really went viral and even shocked some fans is this, many say Fortnite is actually inspired by some real life incidents where hundreds of people fought for survival and the one who doesn’t get killed even received gold coins, metal umbrella and more rewards. This incident took place hundreds of years back and some say it’s 1945, 1886, or 1904. This Myth can be debunked easily at the same time, it’s hard to apprehend this one as well. Even Fortnite confirmed their only inspiration for Battle Royale is from Minecraft. So now one knows whether it’s just a myth or this is also true just like other stories as well

These are the best Fortnite myths that went viral instantly and caught the attention of millions of fans as well. Fortnite myths have always been a shocker and surprising as well. At times, players don’t believe these myths easily. Unless and until they experience it, these myths will go away as a myth.


How Many Players Can Play in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s in-game modes allow up to 4 players in a team. In random battle royale mode missions, 100 players will play in a lobby. You can play as a squad of 2,.3.or 4 members. You will be up against same number of players as in your team.

Can You Play Fortnite on PC?

Yes, you can play Fortnite on PC through Epic Games Store. Playing Fortnite on Windows gives you the best and grand visual experience ever.

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