Lando Norris claims 2021 was his best year in F1

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Lando Norris has suggested that 2021 was his best year in Formula One, find out why

McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris put in some remarkable performances in Formula One last season. Norris secured four podiums in the 2021 campaign and also scored a total of 160 points, which was more than his previous two seasons combined. After ending the season sixth on the championship grid, Norris has suggested that 2021 was his best season so far.

Norris said (h/t F1):

“It’s definitely been, I would say, my best season so far, which is always a good thing when I’m only in my third season. I think I’ve achieved a lot, done well for the team and been there for the team when we’ve had those chances to be on the podium and score the points and bring that fight to Ferrari for as long as possible. I think from my side, and even for us as a team, it’s been a very good year and we should be happy with what we’ve done.”

The future certainly looks bright for the 22-year-old as he continues to build a name for himself in the sport of Formula One moving forward.

Can McLaren overpower Ferrari in the 2022 season?

McLaren’s main competitor in the 2021 season was undoubtedly Ferrari. In terms of performances, the Italian team looked to be the closes to McLaren. McLaren’s main challenge in 2022 will be to overpower Ferrari and finish in the top 3. However, it is worth noting that Ferrari is amongst the main contenders for the upcoming season, thanks to the new cars and new regulations.

Styrian GP weather
McLaren in action (Photo by Jerry Andre / LAT Images)

Ferrari have been backed by many to resurge in the 2022 season which will certainly make it difficult for McLaren to overcome the Italian red. Whatever the case, fans can certainly hope to be entertained throughout the 2022 Formula One campaign.

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