Fire Emblem Engage Tier List – All Units Ranked (September 2023)

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Free Fire Emblem has been released. Check our Free Fire Emblem Engage Tier List to know the best units in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage, the latest release from the popular Fire Emblem series has been receiving positive reviews just like its predecessors. Fire Emblem is one of the best tactical RPGs available and Fire Emblem Engage continues the legacy of the franchise. Unlike other Fire Emblem games, Fire Emblem Engage is only released for Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem Engage is released with more than 30 heroes as of now. Fire Emblem Engage has retained the original gameplay and mechanisms from the Fire Emblem franchise, the only addition is Emblem Rings.

Prominent and notable primary protagonists from the Fire Emblem series are added in Fire Emblem Engage. You can summon your favorite heroes in Fire Emblem Engage with Emblem Rings. The story takes place in the Elyos continent and the Emblems are once again on a mission to defeat the Fell Dragon Sombron. The Spirits or Emblems can acquire new abilities and magical powers to fight against the dragons. To find the best heroes in Fire Emblem Engage, check our Fire Emblem Engage Tier list with all the best characters ranked according to their stats and skills in the game.

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Fire Emblem Engage Tier List – All Units Ranked

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Fire Emblem Engage Tier List

S Tier

S Tier units in Fire Emblem Engage boast high HP and skills. You can deploy them for every battle. Every unit in the S tier has unique skills and special powers. You can use any of these S Tier units for the battles.

AlearDragon Child
AnnaAxe Fighter
LouisLance Armor

A Tier

A Tier units work very well for most battles in Fire Emblem Engage. Only a few heroes from A Tier are weaker and rest are highly recommended.

JeanMartial Monk
IvyWing Tamer
MauvierRoyal Knight
ChloeLance Flier
VeyleFell Child
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B Tier

B Tier units are average with decent to good skills. You can pick them for small battles in Fire Emblem Engage.

JadeAxe Armor
HortensiaWing Tamer
RosadoWyvern Knight

C Tier

C Tier characters need massive upgrades and skills to be eligible to take part in combat. You can ignore all the C Tier units as of now in Fire Emblem Engage.

PandreoHigh Priest
MerrinWolf Knight
BoucheronAxe Fighter
BunetGreat Knight
FrammeMartial Monk

With this our guide on Fire Emblem Engage Tier List along with best units is done. All these units are the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

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