Who has registered the fastest lap at the Japanese Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

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The Japanese Grand Prix will take place at the Suzuka Circuit – who has been the fastest (lap) at this venue?

The spotlight in the world of Formula 1 shifts to Japan this weekend after the exciting Singapore GP. The Japanese Grand Prix, established in 1963, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Over the years, this race has often played a crucial role in determining the World Drivers’ Champions, with 12 championship-deciding moments happening in the 35 instances it has been part of the World Championship.

The upcoming Japanese GP is set to occur at the renowned Suzuka Circuit from October 22nd to 24th. Let us take a look which driver has registered the fastest lap time in the illustrious history of this Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

The Suzuka Circuit’s official F1 lap record is currently held by Lewis Hamilton, who set a remarkable time of 1:30.983 during the 2019 season while driving the Mercedes W19.

In terms of overall victories at the Japanese Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher stands out as the most successful driver in its history, with six wins to his name.

Among the current Formula 1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton leads the pack with five victories, making him the most accomplished active participant in this race. Additionally, Fernando Alonso has tasted success at the Japanese GP, securing victory twice in 2006 and 2008.

Does the Suzuka circuit encourage faster timings?

The Suzuka Circuit in Japan is unique and significant on the Formula 1 calendar because of its distinctive and demanding track design.

While it doesn’t automatically ensure faster lap times, it fosters intense competition and the potential for achieving faster laps.

This circuit, characterized by a combination of high-speed straights, challenging corners, and changes in elevation, poses a significant challenge for both drivers and teams. The combination of technical complexity and speed has endeared it to Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Japanese GP track guide
Japanese GP track

The challenging figure-eight track layout of Suzuka, featuring iconic corners like the “S” curves and the legendary 130R, demands precision and skill from drivers.

The circuit’s seamless flow allows talented drivers to find a rhythm that enables them to push their cars to their maximum potential. However, setting faster lap times at Suzuka requires a delicate balance between bold driving and finely-tuned equipment. Additionally, the unpredictable Japanese weather adds an extra layer of complexity to the challenges faced at the Suzuka Circuit.

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