Watch: Lewis Hamilton drives an R34 GTR in Japan

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Lewis Hamilton is known to be a big fan of luxury cars and it was visible once again on the roads of Japan – driving an R34 GTR

Lewis Hamilton appears to be making the most of his free time in the off-season. In a recent video posted by the Mercedes star on his Instagram handle, Hamilton can be seen enjoying driving a luxurious R34 GTR on the streets of Japan. Hamilton himself shared the clip on his profile with the caption: “I only like to drive on the track, but I make exceptions.”

In the video, Hamilton can be seen enjoying a swift drive on the Shuto Expressway of Japan while performing some skillful eye-catching stunts. The 57-second video starts with him rubbing his hands together and smiling, before engaging in the kind of driving that looks straight out of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. At one point, Hamilton can be heard saying: “Something’s not right with this car, man”, as smoke was pouring into the cabin through the transmission tunnel. However, it wasn’t much of an issue and was quite a hassle-free ride.

Fans react to Lewis Hamilton driving an R34 GTR on Twitter

The video received widespread attention within a very short span of time after Hamilton uploaded it on social media. Let us take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter.

“i think you’re making an exception about climate change activism too. what a contradiction”, trolled a fan.

“Looks like he wants some taste of fine Japanese engineering after being schooled the last two years”, joked another fan.

“Wait a minute…. Was that smoke coming from the gear box?? I can almost smell it”, read a tweet.

“I love this man so much. I would love to meet him just once before I die. What a crazy wonderful human being he is! @LewisHamilton”, tweeted a die-hard fan.

Another fan wrote: “High-key one of the hardest videos of the year. (That R34 gearbox suffered for us to have this masterpiece).”

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