(Watch) Lando Norris explains design of his new helmet for 2022 F1 season

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The McLaren driver revealed his new yellowish-blue designed helmet on social media ahead of the 2022 F1 season

Lando Norris explains in the video that he likes the design from last year so has kept it almost similar barring a few tweaks. The most notable addition on the helmet is the circular logo on the side of the helmet containing his name’s initials ‘LN’. There is more space on top of the helmet to incorporate more logos’ of sponsors, another noticeable difference from last season.

This new helmet is a fresh addition to Norris’ incredible helmet collection. The British driver has a tendency to express himself through helmet design. Norris has had numerous different lids during his time driving for McLaren, with each of them representing aspects of his personality. Norris is a very creative individual with helmet design being his primary outlet to express himself.

Norris’ helmets are mostly themed around his original concept which takes inspiration from the lid of a motor racing legend. The 22-year old has been a huge fan of Valentino Rossi since his childhood. Norris has incredible fascination towards MotoGP and his hero Rossi, a seven-time series champion. Rossi famously wore a yellow and blue helmet for many years. The colour combination is clearly visible in Norris’ new F1 helmet.

Lando Norris not happy with ‘less than ideal’ Bahrain outing for McLaren

Meanwhile, Lando Norris feels the Bahrain test has not been ideal for McLaren and they have work to do with less than a week to go for the season opener on March 20 – the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Norris had a busy outing in the Bahrain pre-season test. With team-mate Daniel Ricciardo unavailable due to Covid-19, Norris had to drive on all three days of the test. However, that didn’t go well as McLaren struggled to adapt to the conditions of Bahrain.

Norris could complete only 200 laps with his new MCL36 and was severely hampered by braking issues throughout the session. While the first two days were pretty average for the team, Norris did have a decent outing on the final day. He set the ninth-fastest time of the field on Day 3 with 90 laps under his belt.

“It’s not been the smoothest of tests for us. It’s been quite limited in Bahrain. I think Barcelona was a good one but here we’ve encountered quite a few more problems, which have limited the laps we have done by quite a huge amount”, the British driver said summing up the Bahrain test. He further added, “We’ve had problems especially on the longer run – the lower fuel and shorter runs we’ve been able to do but not the high fuel runs. It’s not great but we’re getting through as much as we can. We’re definitely making progress, but certainly not in the position we want to be.”

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