“Pierre and Tsunoda bromance for a lot longer” – Twitter reacts to Pierre Gasly’s contract extension with AlphaTauri

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French driver Pierre Gasly will continue to race for the Alpha Tauri team at least till the 2023 season

AlphaTauri has confirmed that Pierre Gasly is remaining with the team for the 2023 Formula 1 season. The Frenchman had hoped for a return to the Red Bull seat but his hopes were dashed when the senior team re-signed Sergio Perez on a multi-year deal last month. While there were reports of the Frenchman having an option in his contract to explore other possibilities, team boss Franz Tost quashed those rumors at the Canadian GP and Gasly’s stay has now been confirmed.

Speaking on his contract extension, Gasly said – “I’m happy to remain with my Scuderia AlphaTauri team. This year’s new regulations have created new challenges for us and being able to plan our development with the team for the next 18 months is a good working basis for the future.”

“I have been with this team for five years now and I am proud of the journey we’ve been through together and the progress we have made”, he added.

Fans react to Gasly’s contract extension on Twitter

There are mixed reactions on Twitter regarding Gasly’s contract extension. While some are happy with the deal, others feel Gasly missed out on making a move to a bigger team.

“tbh bad move I feel like he could get a better drive somewhere else whether it’s an upcoming team like alpine or maybe even McLaren if they let go of daniel, idk it just seems like alpha Tauri will never be able to show his full potential bc they’re red bulls sister team“, tweeted a fan who feels Gasly deserves to race for a bigger team.

“Big Mistake, its likely that a seat at maclaren and Mercedes will be available end of the season”, wrote another fan, echoing similar sentiments.

Some fans are pleased that Gasly has extended his stay at Alpha Tauri. “Next year will be his last season with them surely, or will he re-sign with them once again for the 2024 season with the hope of rejoining Red Bull for 2025? I think he should be looking for other options to be honest, good on him for staying with Alpha Tauri though”, tweeted one such fan.

“Yay! Pierre & Tsunoda bromance for a lot longer, I guess”, wrote another happy fan.

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