Watch: Mercedes provides a ‘cheeky look’ inside Mercedes AMG One

The Mercedes-AMG One is a limited-production plug-in hybrid sports car, featuring F1-derived technology

Mercedes F1 team shared glimpses of the interiors of its latest release – Mercedes AMG One. The German automaker unveiled the Mercedes-AMG ONE earlier this month – five years after its initial announcement. The vehicle is a hypercar powered by a street-legal version of the engine used in the company’s F1 cars, with an E PERFORMANCE hybrid drive and system performance of more than 1000 hp.

The two-seater super sports car brings the world’s most modern and efficient Formula 1 hybrid drive technology from the race track to the road for the first time in the world.

The vehicle produces a total output of 782 kW from a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine and four electric motors, including one motor in the turbocharger and another linked to the crankcase, with a top speed capped at 219 mph.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE will officially be seen in action for the first time in the UK as part of the Festival of Speed at Goodwood between the 23rd- 26th of June. Mercedes-AMG will only sell 275 of the ONE at $2.7 million each. The first customers are expected to get their Mercedes-AMG One cars in the second half of 2022.

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Fans react to Mercedes’ cheeky teaser of the AMG-One interiors

Fans absolutely love the look of the brand new AMG-One. Here are some of the most interesting reactions on Twitter.

“This looks amazing, will see you next week at silverstone for my mums bucket list final wish” – came an emotional tweet from a fan.

“It is an amazing, beautiful car, but I don’t think it’s meant to transport kids to and from school and their sports practices. So I will have to choose another model”, joked another fan.

“It’s a head turner . The new owners are so lucky they will pay for a car easy worth 4Xs more than what they ask for . AMG have managed to pull off something very special . Love the photos” – wrote another fan, echoing similar sentiments.

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