F1 Fantasy 2023: Picks this week for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy

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F1 action moves to Imola this weekend and it’s time to take a close look at the potential fantasy game changers at the Emilia Romagna GP

The initial phase of the F1 2023 season has been completely dominated by Red Bull and it certainly doesn’t come across as a surprise. It’s now time to make a few tweaks to your team as the action moves to Imola this weekend. With a number of changes and modifications in place this season, it’s important to get your tactics right to avoid lagging behind from the very start of the season. Let us take a look at a few of the differential picks that could help you boost your rank this weekend.

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy

You will get two free substitutions ahead of the Grand Prix as is the norm. Use them to bring in drivers you feel will do well in Italy. If you don’t have Perez yet, just get him in! Red Bull are clearly setting the pace and no other team looks in a shape to catch up at the moment.

A double-up on Red Bull is the way to go – the likes of Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly provide you good options to choose from as a valuable budget pick. When it comes to the two Constructor slots, Red Bull and Aston Martin are relatively a better combination, considering current form and budget. If Red Bull doesn’t fit within budget, you can go with Ferrari as a possible alternative.

What should be the strategy going forward in this fantasy season?

Now that we are five races into the season, the Grands Prix will come quick and fast till the summer break in August. It’s important to be clear with your strategy during this phase and planning out your moves early always helps.

A settled core combination including two of Verstappen, Alonso and Perez is a must – you can build your team around them. Carlos Sainz and George Russell are potentially good picks as a cover for your marquee driver. Lance Stroll is one more option if you are looking for a budget-friendly, effective pick. Verstappen is once again a pre-race favourite and as the defending champion of this GP, he should be the first name on your team sheet.

Is it the correct time to use your chips on the Red Bull drivers and get an early lead? Our answer – No. If you are too ambitious, you can certainly do it, but we would advise you to save it for the future – it’s a marathon not a sprint. Do not miss out on the most important part – remember to save and submit your teams before the deadline which is the qualifying session scheduled for Saturday evening.

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