Exclusive: Valentina Shevchenko on possibility of following Jon Jones and vacating UFC title

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Valentina Shevchenko is the current UFC Flyweight Champion and regarded as one of the best ever

UFC 255 sees Valentina Shevchenko defend her Flyweight title against Jennifer Maia on 21 November.

The 32-year-old has been incredible in her UFC career and her only losses in the promotion have come against Amanda Nunes.

Valentina Shevchenko is the UFC Women's Flyweight champion
Valentina Shevchenko celebrates her win over Julianna Pena in the women’s Bantamweight division (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Shevchenko won several gold medals in her Muay Thai and kickboxing career before she moved to MMA. She has dominated the scene over the past five years or so and was confident of keeping her title against Maia.

Valentina and her sister, Antonina, were speaking with the Schmo recently. The Schmo brought up what Jon Jones had done after the Light Heavyweight champion vacated his title and moved to the Heavyweight division.

Jones, like Shevchenko, has dominated his division too and the Schmo asked if she was considering doing the same. However, Shevchenko batted away any conversation of giving up the title and walking away:

“Oh never, I will be here forever.

“Of course, definitely every person has a different mindset and different vision of their life and their career.

“I have it totally opposite. I have been in martial arts for years. Martial arts, for me, is not just a job, is not just something like come into the gym, work 2-3 hours and goodbye, no, it is my life.

“It is my philosophy, martial arts is me, inside me, that’s why to give up on something you have been working hard for so many years, no way.”

Future plans for Shevchenko

While the UFC star isn’t considering retirement any time soon, she was asked about taking up flying.

Her sister is already a licensed pilot and Valentina claimed that was part of the plan but in the future.

She was keen on learning how to fly, and we can safely say she would ace that too. For now, she and her sister have UFC 255 on their minds.

Antonina Shevchenko will be in action on UFC 255
Antonina Shevchenko also has a great kickboxing record prior to her UFC career (UFC)

Antonina faces upcoming Brazilian star Ariane Lipski. That should be a great fight too as Lipski won her last outing while Antonina lost hers.

Valentina also claimed that she had to respect her older sister since it was part of their culture. However, the pair were pleased to work out together as they fight on the same UFC card for the first time on 21 November.

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