XO, Kitty ending explained: Who does Kitty end up with and what happened at the end of the show?

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In XO, Kitty, teenage matchmaker Kitty Song Covey embarks on a quest for love, discovering its complexities – what happens in the ending?

This spin-off series, created by Jenny Han for Netflix, follows Kitty as she reunites with her long-distance boyfriend in Korea, uncovering her late mother’s story. Anna Cathcart reprised her role as Kitty from the To All the Boys movies, joined by an ensemble cast.

XO, Kitty
XO, Kitty

What happens in XO, Kitty ending?

Kitty faces expulsion from KISS when her final grades are displayed on the dormitory walls. Since she resides in the boys’ dorms, she checks her results there and gets caught by a teacher, leading to her being summoned to the principal’s office. While Principal Lim and the faculty deliberate on how to handle the situation, Kitty anxiously awaits their decision.

Eventually, Principal Lim informs Kitty that she is expelled from KISS for violating the scholarship rules by staying in the boys’ dormitory. However, there is hope for Kitty’s return if Yuri’s plea to her mother in an XO, Kitty season 2 is successful. Despite the strict rules, Yuri’s improved relationship with her mother may influence her to find a way to bend them, just as she did for Madison.

What happened to Jina and Eve’s friendship?

Kitty’s desire to attend KISS stems from her admiration for Dae, although another motivation is her curiosity about her mother, Eve, who had also attended the school years ago. During her time at KISS, Kitty learns that Eve and the principal, Jina Lim, were once close friends but had a falling out, which remains a mystery throughout XO, Kitty.

Jina denies any knowledge of Eve, but in the end, she reveals the reason behind their severed friendship. After Kitty’s expulsion from KISS, Jina approaches her and hands her a letter written by Eve, expressing remorse for not responding. The truth is that Jina and Eve lost touch, dispelling Kitty and Yuri’s dramatic speculations about their mothers’ relationship.

XO, Kitty
XO, Kitty

Why she left Yuri and Juliana?

After Kitty and Dae’s airport breakup, she coincidentally bumps into Yuri. Considering this as fate, Kitty intends to confess her true feelings. However, before she can, Juliana shows up, unveiling Yuri’s reason for being at the airport. Understanding the situation, Kitty decides to let them be and boards her flight to the United States.

The exact reason for Kitty’s departure remains undisclosed, but she has valid motives. Yuri is puzzled by Kitty’s sudden disappearance, but that is precisely why she left. With Juliana’s return and Kitty’s expulsion from KISS, she believes her presence in Yuri’s life is unnecessary. Hence, Kitty gives up on confessing and allows the couple to reunite peacefully.

About Simon

While seated on the plane, Kitty delves into a letter gifted to her by Jina from her mother, Eve. Eve expresses how her life has been transformed by her time at KISS, her friendship with Jina, and the enigmatic presence of someone named Simon.

Sadly, the identity and nature of Eve’s connection with Simon remain a mystery in “XO, Kitty.” Kitty speculates that Simon could have been Eve’s first love, but the truth remains uncertain until a potential renewal of the series for a second season.

Min’s love for Kitty

Towards the conclusion of XO, Kitty’s surprising discovery is that Min Ho is also on the same flight back to the United States. Taking advantage of the moment, Kitty confides in Min Ho about her breakup with Dae. In response, Min Ho seizes the opportunity to confess his love for Kitty.

As the episode ends abruptly, the aftermath of this revelation and Min Ho’s reasons for sharing his feelings with Kitty remain undisclosed. However, it becomes clear that Min Ho, who is typically portrayed as distant, opens up due to Q’s earlier mention of Kitty’s expulsion from KISS and his struggle to express his true emotions. Believing they won’t meet again since Kitty won’t be returning to KISS, Min Ho assumes there are no consequences in being honest with her.

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