Who is Zack Bia dating now? Who was he married to?

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Who is Zack Bia dating now? Who was he previously married to? Learn all there is to know.

Zack Bia is already one of Hollywood’s most well-known DJs, and now, he’s making headlines for his possible relationship status.

Kylie Jenner fans may recognize Zack’s name as he is one of the makeup mogul’s BFFs, but he’s also been romantically linked to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In October 2021, Outer Banks fans started to know his name in tandem with Madelyn Cline‘s. Following her split from costar Chase Stokes — who dated following the show’s premiere in April 2020 — the Knives Out 2 star sparked romance rumors with Zack.

Zack Bia
Zack Bia

Both Madelyn and Zack were photographed at the same October 2021 Lacoste fashion show in Paris. Then, in December of that same year, social media was abuzz with speculation that the Netflix star may have officially moved on from her ex with the music mogul. He told Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” podcast in January 2022 that they were “not dating” and just “hang out all the time.” Zack added, “It’s more like we’re hanging out and enjoying it and not really thinking too much what it is.”

Who was Zack Bia last dating?

Once romance rumors between the two died down, dating speculation between Zack and Olivia Rodrigo started heating up.

On June 21, 2022, People confirmed that Rodrigo and Bia were officially dating and had been for months. “They’ve been dating since the Super Bowl,” a source said. “They really like each other.” Then, in August of 2022, it was reported that the relationship had ended.

A month later, Rodrigo and Bia were seen together around the Super Bowl, which took place on February 13. They have been “seeing each other” more since then, a source told E!. “He invited her to Super Bowl parties that he was DJing that weekend and she went to support him,” the source said. “They hit it off and have been casually hanging out.”

Olivia Rodrigo and Zack Bia
Olivia Rodrigo and Zack Bia

A source told People on June 21 that Rodrigo and Bia actually started dating at that time. “They’ve been dating since the Super Bowl,” the source said. In April 2022, Rodrigo and Bia were still having “a lot of fun” together and making things work when they can with their busy schedules. While Rodrigo and Bia travel a lot for their jobs (Rodrigo, particularly, is on tour), a source told E! they’ve “made the effort to stay in touch and spend time together when possible,” the outlet wrote.

Is Zack Bia dating anyone now?

As it turns out, no, the DJ is not currently dating anyone.

After his last two affairs ended on a tough note with Bia going through a divorce with Rodrigo, Bia has not been linked to anyone else and is reported to be focusing on his musical career.

Who did Zack Bia date before Olivia Rodrigo?

Bia previously dated Madison Beer on-off until their March 2019 breakup.

Rodrigo is not Bia’s first high-profile potential partner. Bia was with singer Madison Beer for nearly one year until March 2019. Beer confirmed their split herself on her Twitter and alluded to their being major drama between them in a series of tweets. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression and anxiety make sure you’re not just surrounded by assholes and people who don’t care about you,” she wrote. She added, “oof I rlly owe myself the biggest apology for puttin up w shit I never deserved.”

Where was Zack Bia born? Where did he begin his career?

Bia was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles for high school.

Zack Bia
Zack Bia

Bia went to USC for college and became a nightclub promoter while there. As Bia explained to i-D in July 2020, “My parents are from Paris, but I was born in New York, and when I was twelve or thirteen I moved to Los Angeles with my mom and brother,” he said. (Bia’s parents got divorced when Bia was 9.) “My mom was a modeling agent and she worked in fashion—we didn’t have a lot of money but I grew up with some really cool stuff. She made me listen to music, took me to museums, and taught me so much.”

“When we moved to L.A., it was a bit more difficult and I had to do things for myself,” he continued. “I was very lucky though, I was sent to a good public school and when I was 18, by chance, I had the opportunity to work in a club. It was a way that I could start paying for things myself. During the day, I went to school and then I worked at night. I kind of had a double life.”

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