Young Thug sister: Is the rapper’s sister dead?

Young Thug sister: A rather remorseful incident emerged with Young Thug’s sister Angela Grier passed away. Angela Grier’s death has not been linked to any specific reasons. Just as the news made it over various channels and headlines, condolences poured in for the family, which also included wishes and strength for the family in a difficult time.

For those who might want to know who Young Thug is, he is better known as an American Rapper, songwriter, and singer.

Young is known to attempt the hip hop and trap music genres, releasing a series of his independent works since 2011 and thus making into some valuable collaborations like Gucci Mane. He is famously known for his works like Stoner, About the Money, Hookah, Rich Gang’s Lifestyle, and Danny Glover.

Born as Jeffrey Lamar Williams in Atlanta, he is the tenth out of eleven children, also including Angela Grier whose unfortunate demise is being reported. Young Thug has a difficult history that includes four years serving period in a juvenile prison for breaking a teacher’s arm in sixth grade. He also made it to the headlines given the RICO case and was convicted for the same along with Gunna.

While Angela Grier’s death is as shocking as it sounds, the story is still developing. The reports have revealed that Angela had just left seeing the rapper, as the news of her death was confirmed on the internet.

Young Thug’s sister and RICO case unfolded

Barely nominal is known about the rapper’s sister, except the bond, she shared with Young Thug has been discussed publicly by the rapper, saying that their relationship together was a strong one and meant a lot for his professional as well as personal life.

Young Thug sister: Is the rapper’s sister dead?
Young Thug sister: Is the rapper’s sister dead?

Young Thug also had a hard time recently being pulled into the unfortunate RICO case being arrested and imprisoned. His fellow rapper Gunna and Young Thug were claimed to be one of the most important members of the criminal gang YSL and were denied bail by the Fulton County court.

The accusations involve the duo’s involvement in a Young Slime Life named criminal street gang, and Young Thug was believed to be its founder and commander along with Gunna the co-accused. 

The Fulton County hearing claimed that the YSL gang was a dangerous one, saying, “The gangs are committing conservatively 75 to 80 percent of all the violent crime that we’re seeing within our community. So they have to be booted.” The RICO case had Young Thug’s difficult history unfurled by his lawyer Brian Steel issuing a statement saying, “Mr. Williams came from an incredibly horrible upbringing, and he has conducted himself throughout his life in a way that is just to marvel at.”

Steel also added that he hadn’t committed any crime. A closely similar statement was also released by the co-accused Gunna’s lawyer saying that his record was spotless and that he shall be given the benefit of the doubt, much less being denied bail.

 To top it all up, Young Thug has also been known for the accusations of possessing methamphetamine amounting to a criminal conspiracy, threatening to kill a man publicly but not being charged officially for the same.

Young Thug sister: The rapper was in possession of methamphetamine?

However, he was charged with seven felonies in addition to a raid in his Buckhead home.

The rapper’s songs were being allegedly used against him to support the case, reading between the lines and which could amount to a violation of free speech. The rapper saw a meteoric rise in 2014 as he was offered a staggering $8.5 million by the Future’s Freebandz. Young Thug signed a management deal with Bradman’s Rich Gang and is still a part of the 1017 Brick Squad.

Young Thug sister: Is the rapper’s sister dead?
Young Thug sister: Is the rapper’s sister dead?

Thug has been publicly appreciated by stars like Kanye West given his lightning-fast speed of making songs. He has been called the “most influential rapper of the 21st century” by Jeff Weiss of BBC given his eccentric style and vocalism. Billboard, for the rapper reported,

Thug uses this multiplicative vocal delivery to his advantage: where another rapper might lapse into repetition, he finds a new way to distress and warp his tone, to burrow resourcefully into rhythmic cracks and crevices.” Given the disturbed history and the amazing journey the rapper has had the difficulty of his sister’s death, especially after all he has endured, is an upsetting detail. The silver lining is all the support for him and the family continues to grow from his fan base.

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