“I didn’t vote at all,”- Paris Hilton reveals that she only PRETENDED to vote for TRUMP, did not vote at all

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Paris Hilton recently released her memoir named ‘Paris: The Memoir’ making some shocking but honest revelations that took the readers and her fans by surprise.

The most shocking of them all was the pretention supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 elections. She bravely explained her position whilst also accepting that she isn’t proud of them.

“When I was put on the spot in an interview, I pretended I voted for Donald Trump because he was an old family friend and owned the first modeling agency I signed with,” she wrote. Working in the Donald Trump modeling agency, she considered him family. A bunch of other revelations by Paris Hilton have also become the talk of the town.

Paris Hilton reveals shocking excerpts from her past

The first interview that Paris Hilton delivered for an Australian TV was where she said she voted for Trump. However, in a conversation with Marie Claire, she almost came up with the truth whilst also predicting that Trump would be an amazing President. “He’s always been so nice, so respectful and sweet,” she said while contradicting all the previous beliefs with her memoir revelation.

Paris Hilton reveals that she only PRETENDED to vote for TRUMP
Paris Hilton reveals that she only PRETENDED to vote for TRUMP

What amazes the most is her gross honesty when she writes, “I’m not pretending to be, like, the Dalai Lama in Louboutins here. I’m just saying, grace is available to all of us if we make it available to each other.” She says that she isn’t even sure if she would make the same choices if similar circumstances were presented to her.

“Am I standing by these choices? Would I make the same choices again, knowing what I know now? Of course not!” read the memoir. Hilton now 42 and a mother of one, mentions her appearance as a Sexy Pocahontas in a Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. She counts it as one of the other gross errors from her youth in her memoir.

It takes a brave heart to accept the kind of truth Hilton wrote in her book and she definitely seems to have her in the right place.

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