Does Alexa Bliss have cancer? WWE star shares positive news after cancer scare

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Does Alexa Bliss have cancer? Alexa Bliss recently filled the headlines with her basal cell carcinoma scare. Better known as the WWE star that she is and the freshly revealed Masked Singer contestant took to social media with the thrilling news of her recovery and the journey.

The post also included a message to her younger self, and the netizens are pouring in wishes, love, and affection for the fighter.

An image of Alexa Bliss’s bandage-covered face, the side of her cheek close to the ear was uploaded on Instagram with a personally penned-down message.

The message seemed like a warning to much of the audience, but the more important part is obviously the recovery.

Does Alexa Bliss have cancer? Alexa Bliss’s message and the brave update of her journey

The post was captioned, “Dear younger me, You should have stayed out of tanning beds.” An array of comments followed on the post and a few over Twitter where she engaged actively.

Does Alexa Bliss have cancer?
Does Alexa Bliss have cancer?

Over the post, she also took the courtesy of thanking the American Skin Institute by writing, “All clear now though! Thank you @americanskininstitute for taking great care of me.”

Her replies over various Twitter posts shared parts of her journey, her struggles, and how she went about it for real. Bliss explained replying to a query that she saw a spot on her face, which didn’t appear right to her and had worsened over time.

Does Alexa Bliss have cancer?

She wrote, “So went to get a biopsy. Was basal cell carcinoma.” Bliss didn’t shy away from sharing that the doctors detected other squamous cells as well and it took another short and quick procedure to deal with it.

Alexa made a melodious appearance to the Masked Singer stage and gave an outstanding performance on “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”.  Bliss spoke about her stage fear and overcoming it was the main motive behind appearing for the singing stage show. She revealed that she was extremely nervous saying, “I actually cried backstage before coming out here.”

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