Ben Affleck shares a wayward fact about his wife Jennifer Lopez, saying “I’m kind of disturbed.”

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appear like the most suitable couple who married each other.

However, a wayward statement from Ben Affleck talking about how he felt disturbed by one of Lopez’s peculiar habits drew eyeballs toward the couple married only in 2022 but have a history dating over 2 decades. Well, as serious as the allegation must appear prima facie it is only meant to be in humor.

Affleck talks about Lopez’s love for the American TV drama Yellowstone which has bothered him a tad bit. Yellowstone has set its place in stone and is considered one of the most popular shows in America. 

The statement was delivered on the sets of ‘The Bill Simons Podcast’ where his appearance was waited for by the fans.

Affleck spoke about the show in praise and said that it’s impressive how the drama had garnered millions of followers. The explanation that Ben Affleck quoted for his trouble is the reasoning that Lopez sticks to behind her likeness for the show.

What bothers Ben Affleck about Jennifer Lopez’s Yellowstone fever?

“Part of me thinks that she’s drawn to the romance between Cole Hauser and the woman who plays his wife, who’s excellent… who is British by the way, which is amazing,” sticking to his side of the story.

Ben Affleck addresses the reason behind his miserable look at the Oscars, next to his wife Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Affleck added his thoughts about the dysfunctional and unorthodox relationship the show displayed. Also mentioning the other scenes JLo had praised, Affleck narrated the dialogue between Beth and her kid which is about how to get rich. Beth tells her kid how to work hard or else “learn to suck a d*ck like you lost your car keys in it.”

Ben Affleck spoke about his thoughts on considering Cole to become a giant movie star. He said, however, he fits so well into Rip’s character that America is convinced he is Rip. Loves him as well as the show.

He was hopeful that the second half of season five could come up by November with the show. Kevin Costner reaching an agreement point.

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