Ben Affleck details out the demands put-forth by Michael Jordan before directing “AIR”

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are co-writing a movie called “AIR”, starring Jodie Turner-Smith and which will be distributed by Netflix. Affleck recently spoke at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival about the challenges and the authenticity which was required for making this movie.

He discusses his collaboration with Michael Jordan, who was involved in the making of this movie from the very beginning and was there to provide his valuable insights into the world of sneaker culture.

Affleck highlighted his passion for the project and the efforts he took to make this film and to save the authenticity of the same.

That being said, to provide a more genuine experience to his audience. He went and worked with actual sneaker collectors and captured their stories and had them incorporated into the movie.

Ben Affleck details the Hard work for Michael Jordan’s AIR

Ben Affleck has worked extremely hard to ensure that the film showcases the true essence of the sneaker culture. He has also gone to great lengths to understand the details of the sneaker culture. He captured the accurate details and tried to make it as genuine as possible.

Ben Affleck details out the demands put-forth by Michael Jordan before directing “AIR”
Ben Affleck details out the demands put-forth by Michael Jordan before directing “AIR”

Not only Affleck but also Michael Jordan has been involved from the beginning and has brought his expertise about the sneaker industry to this movie, which has added a lot more weight to the film.

With such a strong creative and dedicated team, a talented cast, and such an interesting story. “AIR” definitely has the potential to become a successful movie that will interest both sneakers as well as movie enthusiasts.

All the sneaker enthusiasts await the release of this movie. Given the hard work both Ben Affleck and Michael Jordan are putting into this movie to make it an authentic and genuine experience for the fans. It will be fun to see how they react to the movie once it comes out. Poised to be a standout movie without a doubt.

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