Is Austin Butler dating Kaia Gerber? Learn all about their relationship

Is Austin Butler dating Kaia Gerber? Learn all about their relationship

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All you should know about Austin Butler and Gaia Gerber are dating or not and learn all about their relationship.

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber have been eating each other for a while. They were first linked to each other in 2021, and they have been dating for two years.

Sources describe their relationship as quite chill and cute. Kaia Gerber has also been linked to Jacob Elordi for a year, and they parted ways in 2020. Later on, she was also known to be dating comedian Pete Davidson.

The reasons behind their split are not clear, but it was said to be her busy schedule and her life. After her split from Jacob and Pete, she was linked to dating Austin Butler, but the couple did not come out officially, but now they are in the stages of displaying affection in public. Here is everything you need to know about their relationship.

Learn all about Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler’s relationship

In December 2021, the two were seen hanging out together, and there were speculations that they were dating each other. Later on, sources stated that Kaia and Austin were hanging out, and her friends found him cute. In January 2022, People magazine posted a picture of the two in a supermarket, calling it a low-key date.

After a while, a source confided that the two were dating each other and had a lot of fun hanging out together. The two were seen on Valentine’s Day hanging out together. The couple made their relationship official by getting cozy in a picture at the magazine’s annual Best Performances party.

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Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler

They also made it official at the Met Gala in 2022. In March 2022, at the premiere of Elvis, Kaia was seen kissing Austin and supporting him. In 2022, Austin and Kaia modeled for VMan 49’s fall and winter issues. The two posed together, and Kaia’s hands were seen wrapped around the actor’s neck.

In December 2022, they were seen strolling around the Los Angeles area. The two were seen vacationing in Mexico in January 2023. They were seen at the Golden Globes Awards, where Austin was nominated for his role in Elvis in the Best Drama Category in 2023, and they were seen together at an intimate dinner.

They were seen together at Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral, and in February 2023, they were seen partying together at a W magazine event, and they were seen getting cozy at the event together.

In May 2023, there were rumors that the two were engaged; however, it was not true. The two were later seen together with Kaia’s mother, Cindy, and her father at an Italian restaurant. In August, they were also seen attending Taylor Swift’s concert together, and in August, they were seen together giggling over a lunch date.

The couple has been dating each other for two years now. Sources have said that they are very sweet and down to earth, and their relationship is stable. They have gone through multiple vacations throughout the course of their relationship.

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