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Fans were thrilled to learn that the second season of this beloved anime Eminence in Shadow will soon be available, with its official Twitter account providing key visuals and release dates for it.

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Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Release Date Revealed 2

Season two will consist of 12 episodes and will be simulcast on Hidive. Both dubbed and substituted versions will air simultaneously.

Anime SeriesThe Eminence in Shadow (Season 2)
First Season Premiere Year2022
Season 2 Episode Count12 episodes
Simulcast PlatformHIDIVE
Language OptionsSubtitled in Japanese with English subtitles. No English dub is planned.
Season 2 Premiere DateOctober 4, 2023, with weekly episodes airing until March 8, 2024.
CharactersReturning main cast members and expert voice cast for newcomers.
SynopsisThe anime is based on the Japanese light novel written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tozai.
Key VisualFeatures iconic characters and key details for Season 2.
TrailerA trailer for Season 2 has been released, offering a glimpse of the upcoming action and story.
DirectorKazuya Nakanishi will direct the anime at Studio Nexus.
Returning StaffMany members of the original staff, including voice actors, will return for Season 2.

Release Date

This fall marks a new season of The Eminence in Shadow! The popular isekai anime series made its debut back in 2022 and now returns for an encore performance with season two!

Nexus Animation has once more joined forces with Yko Fujisawa and Kazuya Nakanishi to bring this story to life, maintaining continuity among your favorite characters. Aside from returning main cast members such as Rina Hidaka as Claire Kagenou, Seichiro Yamashita as Cid Kagenou, and Ai Fairouz as Alpha; there will also be an expert voice cast for newcomers introduced in this chapter.

In this new season, Lawless City will be explored – a desolate place ruled by three monarchs under a red moon that’s full of danger from ancient vampires and powerful monarchs competing for control. Cid and his organization, Shadow Garden, will have many challenges ahead as they embark on this exciting adventure.

HIDIVE will simulcast a second season of the anime starting October 4, 2023, and air weekly thereafter until it concludes on March 8, 2024. Episodes will be in Japanese with English subtitles; an English dub is not planned. Anyone wanting to view HIDIVE can do so through their website; those attending the 2023 Anime Expo can catch its premiere episode during a special event hosted by HIDIVE itself.


Once The Eminence in Shadow ended its run on October 5, 2022, fans eagerly anticipated its second installment. This anime series boasts an extremely dedicated fan base and its creator and production house have confirmed their plans to create another season. A major announcement will take place on February 22, and fans will gain more information at that time.

The Eminence in Shadow is a Japanese light novel written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tozai, chronicling Cid Kagenou’s adventures after dying during a training accident and finding himself reincarnated into an imaginary world. Through Cid’s imagination, he manages to manipulate events from behind the scenes while unknowingly creating an organization called Cult of Diablos which pits himself against him; ultimately his fictional tale becomes involved in an intense power struggle between good and evil cult members vs evil forces!

Nexus will produce the series, having been responsible for its initial season which ran 20 episodes back in 2022 and featured English dubbing. However, this time around it will only feature 12 episodes with HIDIVE airing it as the broadcast platform and featuring English dubbing versions for each one of these shows.

Seiichirou Yamashita will reprise his role of Cid this season, alongside Rina Hidaka as Claire, Ai Fairouz as Delta, Asami Seto as Alpha, and Hisako Kanemoto as Epsilon.


HIDIVE will host the world premiere of Season Two of The Eminence in Shadow at Anime Expo 2023 and provide fans with an easy way to catch up with all of its action and adventure.

Key Visual for Season One has been revealed, featuring iconic characters like Cid Kagenou, Claire Kagenou, Princess Rose Oriana, Alpha, Seichiro Yamashita Rina Hidaka Asami Seto Ai Fairouz Mary Yukime Elisabeth 559 as well as returning voice actors such as Seichiro Yamashita Rina Hidaka Asami Seto Ai Fairouz

Following his survival of Lindwurm’s Goddess Trial, Cid Kagenou is eager to resume his shadowy exploits in this new world. Though his appearance may have changed somewhat, his goal remains the same – manipulating power from within and out from undercover. Even after running out of catchphrases, he continues on with his hilarious and thrilling adventures!

This Wednesday, October 11 at 10:30 pm JST in Japan will mark the premiere of Season Two of The Eminence in Shadow on HIDIVE with both Japanese-subbed and dubbed versions available, and potential English dubs potentially coming down the road.


No matter your taste in modern isekai literature or just curious to know more, chances are you have heard of The Eminence in Shadow. Beginning as a light novel series and going through manga and anime adaptations – debuting in 2022 and wrapping up earlier this year respectively. Now the anime adaptation will return for season two in 2019/20!

The trailer for Season Two has been unveiled via Twitter and gives fans their first look at some of the action to come. The show will return with 12 episodes instead of its initial 20.

This second season will follow Cid Kagenou and Shadow Garden into Lawless City, an ominous dark locale run by three powerful rulers under a red moon, where they’ll hunt down an ancient vampire named Blood Queen who must face justice soon.


Kazuya Nakanishi will direct the anime at Studio Nexus once more. No stranger to anime, his portfolio includes Samurai Champloo, Re: Zero, Toradora!, and Shakugan no Shana. Many members of the original staff will return, such as Seichiro Yamashita as Cid Kagenou; Rina Hidaka as Claire Kagenou; Ai Fairouz as Delta; Asami Seto as Alpha; Hisako Kanemoto as Epsilon.