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After its thrilling run that concluded in 2018, Dragon Ball Super: Broly and its 2022 movie counterpart Dragon Ball Super Hero have left viewers eagerly awaiting another season. According to reports and leaks on social media, production appears well underway for Season 8.

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Rumor has it that season 2 will be shorter than its predecessor and feature the Granolah Survivor arc in which Frieza returns looking for revenge against Goku.

Anime SeriesDragon Ball Super
Original Premiere Year2015
Movie Adaptations“Dragon Ball Super: Broly” in 2018 and “Dragon Ball Super Hero” in 2022.
Season 2 ProductionThere are rumors and leaks indicating that production for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is well underway for a 2023 release.
Release Date SpeculationsFans are anticipating the release of Season 2 in 2023, though an official release date has not been confirmed.
Teasers and HintsAkiyo Iyoku, the producer of the Dragon Ball Super anime franchise, teased something exciting for 2023, fueling speculations of a Season 2.
Expected Story ArcsSeason 2 is expected to follow the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and Moro Arc, with appearances of powerful antagonists and challenges for Goku and Vegeta.
Characters in Season 2Characters such as Beerus, members of the Red Ribbon Army, Tien Shinhan, and other foes may return as antagonists.
Episode CountThe first season consisted of 131 episodes, and the upcoming season may continue the story based on the manga arcs.
Potential TrailerThere is no official trailer for Season 2 yet, but fans are eagerly awaiting one.
Official Announcement StatusNo official announcement has been made by Toei Animation regarding Season 2 as of the provided information.

Release Date

Dragon Ball Super has become an instant fan favorite since its premiere in 2015. Since then, fans have enjoyed both a movie adaptation as well as another season expected to premiere in 2023. Fans have responded enthusiastically and broken multiple records along their journey; we can only hope it continues its adventures to discover new worlds!

Akiyo Iyoku, producer of Dragon Ball Super anime franchise recently teased something exciting for this year – shocking many as it had been over five years since the last season aired! Many speculated that Iyoku could be hinting toward season 2.

As of now, it remains unknown when Dragon Ball Super season 2 will premiere; however, fans have eagerly anticipated its arrival sometime around 2023. Fuji TV and Crunchyroll may both show the show, so fans have eagerly been anticipating its debut.

Expectedly, Dragon Ball Super season 2 will follow the Tournament of Power arcs and Moro’s Arc closely, along with Granola Survivor Saga which closed out the original manga. Given this rich source material for production companies to work from for season 2, fans should look forward to some amazing fight scenes in each upcoming arc!


Dragon Ball Super season 1 concluded with the Universal Survival Saga and now fans are wondering when Toei Animation plans on returning. While no timeline has been provided yet, they do have ample material from which they could glean inspiration.

According to the manga, Season 2 will follow two story arcs – Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and Moro Arc – where Goku and Vegeta face an extremely powerful wizard who drains planets of life force, representing their biggest challenge since Frieza himself.

Season 2 will feature more antagonists from Universe 7, such as Beerus the God of Destruction who will attempt to destroy Goku. Meanwhile, members of the Red Ribbon Army who survived Goku’s assault may seek revenge against him and his allies.

Tien Shinhan (Tian Jin Fan in Japanese animation and Shinto in Harmony Gold dub) joins the Red Ribbon Army as an antagonist, rival to Master Roshi, and attempts to kill Goku and the other students of Planet Vegeta; he is defeated by Nappa however, and trained under King Kai until revived by Namekian Dragon Balls and revived back into life again, whereupon he joins his Red Ribbon Army allies, such as Doctor Gero (dokutagero or Dokuta Gero) together seek revenge against Goku.


Dragon Ball Super is one of the world’s most beloved anime series ever created, having run for an unprecedented 131 episodes and followed by a movie adaptation. It enjoys worldwide fan support and is widely considered among the greatest action shonen anime titles available today.

Though Dragon Ball Super ended in 2018, there are signs that season 2 may return. According to reports, creator Akira Toriyama is working on new chapters for season two as well as movement at Shueisha Publishing which publishes it.

The new episodes will likely follow the manga after the Universal Survival Saga and include both Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and The Moro Arc – featuring Moro, designed by current Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotarou. This arc takes place several years prior to Broly movie and introduces an entirely new villain into the story.

After the Tournament of Power arc has concluded, Goku and his friends will continue their adventures against new foes such as Beerus – God of Destruction – including their efforts to overcome him and defeat them in this highly exciting and captivating story arc. It promises to provide fans with plenty of entertainment!


Dragon Ball Super’s inaugural season was an enormous hit, becoming Japan’s highest-grossing anime series and giving rise to one of its highest-grossing animated films ever released in Japan. Since then, there has been much speculation regarding a second season.

According to reliable Twitter leakers @DBSChronicles and @DBSHype, Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will pick up where Universe Survival Saga left off, following the Z fighters through an exciting battle against Cell. Furthermore, according to these sources Akira Toriyama himself will be involved with this project and therefore fans are anxiously waiting to hear more details on its sequel.


However, any information regarding an anime should be treated with caution until there is an official announcement from Toei Animation. Until that occurs, it would be prudent not to get too excited.

One of the first indications of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 came from an interview conducted with an animator from Toei Animation and posted to their website, appearing to confirm its sequel. Later it became evident that this information may have been misinterpreted or simply was an urban legend.