Did Shaq actually fart on air? NBA legend opens up on claim

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Did Shaq actually fart on air? The NBA Hall of Famer opened up on a hilarious claim on TNT Wednesday night.

Shaq, also known as Shaquille O’Neal blamed “bad lasagna” for farting during a TNT halftime show on Wednesday. Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson struggled to keep it together after Shaq, who once owned up to an elevator fart during the 2016 Super Bowl, quipped that he went to the bathroom “right here in my seat.”

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“My boy Slice got me some bad lasagna,” Shaq joked. “Are you kidding me?” asked Barkley. “Why don’t you just light a li’l fire over there?” Smith said. “That’s the last thing you want to do,” Johnson added. Shaq, who said it was “too late” to go to the bathroom, later joked that his favorite cartoon character is “Fart Simpson” and he said he was rocking a “doo doo brown”-colored suit. Johnson attempted to get on with the show following the comments, but the talk continued focused on Shaq cutting the cheese.

“Who in America would ever sit on television and let everyone know they passed gas, other than him?” asked Smith. “I didn’t pass gas, I farted,” O’Neal said.

What was the reaction to the incident on Shaq all about?

The reaction to the incident was hilarious, both from Shaq and his NBA on TNT colleagues.

Charles Barkley was amused at Shaq’s awkward moment on NBA on TNT

The Golden State Warriors led Sacramento Kings 60-56 at halftime despite O’Neal’s “Inside the NBA” castmate Charles Barkley guaranteeing a Kings cakewalk pregame. Barkley said the Kings would “whoop their ass,” but his fellow panelist may just have found a whoopee cushion. Barkley pressed O’Neal if he went to the bathroom, but the NBA legend said he “already went right here in my seat.”

The show did not manage to move on after a lengthy first segment about it. When the broadcast returned from a commercial break, one of the first images viewers were treated to was Barkley in a crudely Photoshopped gas mask. “Who in America would ever sit on television and let everyone know they passed gas?” Kenny Smith wondered. “Other than him?” Who, indeed.

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