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Struggling to complete the Icehowl Ruins dungeon in Diablo 4? If so, check out our article to find all objectives, counters, and strategies to overcome this dungeon.

Completing Diablo 4 dungeons gets harder in every act. Without completing these, players can’t progress in the game. Every world contains several dungeons and nightmare dungeons. You can complete them at any difficulty level. Once you reach World Tier Level 3 and 4, the challenges of Diablo 4 will get more tricky. Some dungeons include boss fights, side quests, and story quests. You can loot legendary aspects from dungeon fights.

 Some dungeons also come as a part of the main quest in the game. Icehowl Ruins is a  dungeon that’s also a part of the Main Quest, Darkness Within. This dungeon is located in Fractured Peaks world. A challenging location where you have to defeat enemies, skeletons, fallen, and a boss at the end. Just like other dungeons, you can claim free gold and experience as rewards. Here’s more about the Icehowl Ruins dungeon locations, guide, and tips.

Diablo 4 Icehowl Ruins dungeon

Diablo 4 Icehowl Ruins Dungeon Guide – Easy Tips and Tricks!

Travel to the Fractured Peaks dungeon and locate the Icehowl Ruins in Desolate Highlands. First, you have to enter the Icehowl Taiga zone and travel to Nevesk to unlock this dungeon. Here are all the objectives and challenges in the Icehowl Ruins dungeon,

Explore the Abandoned Hall and defeat small mobs. You will find Skeleton and Fallen as enemies inside here. Just a normal ranged or melee weapon is enough to tackle these creatures. Next,  travel to the main path. Proceed further and you will find two locked doors. Get inside one of the empty rooms and counter against a bunch of small enemies again.

If you run out of hp, you can upgrade your healing points at the Healing Well that’s located near Stairs. Take the stairs and go towards the right side. Some small Skeletons spawn here, take them down with your weapons and keep shooting other enemies inside the path.

Next, you can spot a treasure chest and you will have to walk towards the left side of the chest to progress further in this dungeon. Here, you have to battle against two fallen enemies. One is the Fallen Shaman and the next is the Elite Fiery Fallen.

These are Fallen enemies that shoot projectiles and unleash projectiles. Defeat both fallen enemies and head towards the right side path where there’s also another Healing Well. Find the yellow colored marker on your map and another task awaits you.

Explore the Chamber of Calling in the Hell-Touched Corridors and also, inspect the Decapitated Priest on the. Once you complete the interaction, prepare yourself for a mighty boss fight against the X’Fal, The Scarred Baron boss. X’Fal, the mighty boss, has plenty of melee attacks.

X’Fal uses a Mace and launches several slam and swipe attacks. He can sweep the ground and damage you from long range. Avoid entering its Pentagram zone and avoid touching the poisonous blood as well. Melee sweep and Melee cleave are his prominent attacks. X’Fal attacks harder and faster, you have to dodge and evade its moves quickly. Also, upgrade your HP to stay intact throughout the battle.

Counterattack X’Fal using a powerful sword and also use fire elemental damage and skills to stun him regularly. He will also create a shockwave by slamming the ground twice or thrice. Dodge these attacks. X’Fal swings his mace from a distance and waves of projectiles will release. You have to dodge all moves and stay behind its zone completely.

Counterattack using your best weapons and fuse them with skills and stats. Keep attacking X’Fal and deal heavy damage in the last phases. X’Fal will collapse on the ground as soon as you drain his HP and kill him.

That’s how you can kill X’Fal boss and complete the Icehowl Ruins dungeon. Complete every task and defeat the boss. You will claim free gold and experience from this part.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Diablo 4 Icehowl Ruins dungeon challenges and boss fights.


What are Dungeons in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you can explore all five major worlds and complete side activities that include side quests, boss battles, and story quests. These are available in every Dungeon. You have to complete certain objectives and kill bosses. You will be able to claim unlimited loot rewards like gold, xp, legendary aspects, and utility items.

How to Unlock Diablo 4 Mounts?

Mounts are horses that you can unlock and ride across sanctuary. Complete Diablo 4 tutorial part quests and missions, reach level 4, and also, complete a priority quest to unlock the Mount feature.

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