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You can easily complete the Forbidden Dungeon in Diablo 4 with our simple tips and tricks.

Diablo 4, the dungeon crawler game is all about hunting enemies in every dungeon. There are five worlds in Diablo 4 and these maps include tons of dungeons and nightmare dungeons. You can take part in events, boss battles, side-quests and more campaign story missions in all dungeons. By completing challenges and quests in dungeons, you can gain more experience and increase your levels. By this way, you can complete all the acts and unlock special resources and skills of Diablo 4.

Forbidden City is a renowned dungeon. This dungeon is full of traps, ghosts, ghouls and cursed enemies. Players have struggled to complete challenges in this dungeon. Forbidden City is located in Fractured Peaks, a snowy biome that’s located at the top of mountains. 

This dungeon offers plenty of rewards including some special skills and you can unlock the Nighthowler’s Aspect. Nighthowler’s Aspect is a legendary aspect that’s exclusive to the Druid class in Diablo 4. Completing Forbidden City quests can be a difficult task. With the best builds and equipment, you can complete this easily. Here’s our Diablo 4 Forbidden City Dungeon guide that includes some valuable strategies and tricks.

Diablo 4 Forbidden Dungeon Guide & Tips!

Diablo 4 Forbidden Dungeon

Travel to Forbidden Dungeon from the North of Menestad. You can go Southeast from Sarkova Pass to access the dungeon. Your first task is to complete the Path of Blood activities.

For Path of Blood, you have to defeat three enraged spirits. These are elite mobs with thunderous attacks. Here’s the guide to complete this part,

Path of Blood – You can access this activity by looking for  Skill icons on your mini-map. Enraged spirits can unleash massive attacks and deal lightning damage. You can use AoE attacks and ranged weapons to slay these monsters. Some Wrathful Phantoms, Ghouls, Vampires and Ghosts also regularly spawn here. To avoid these, you can upgrade your healing potions. Kill all these small enraged spirits and proceed to the next part of the dungeon.

Ghastly Depths – For the next part, you have to enter this depths. Kill all mobs inside this area. You can use melee weapons along with skills and legendary aspects. Once you are done, you have to slay some more mobs near the entrance door. Find the sealed gate and healing well outside the area and find all enemies on your map.

Red colored icon indicates the number of enemies here. Kill all enemies and get back to the locked door again and exit the zone. Your next stop will be at the Tomb of Thazbach.

Boss Fight – The final part of the Forbidden Dungeon is a boss fight against the Resurrected Malice in Tomb of Thazbach. Resurrected Malice is a recurring boss that spawns in various locations. It’s a demon and monster with full hp. It has enormous attacks and combos.

Resurrected Malice unleashes ranged moves and throws spirit balls. It shoots spirit balls and summons vengeful spirits. It will use its special skills to push enemies into the spirits. The vengeful spirits can slowly drain your hp and will eventually kill everyone.

You can use bows and swords. Also, use fire elemental attacks. You can dodge her attacks and projectiles. Charge your attacks with skills and bonus effects. You can return her spirit balls as attacks and deal massive damage. You can use the Twisted Blade builds. Her minions spawn poisonous attacks. You have to counterattack and avoid her powerful AoE attacks.

Once Resurrected Malice and her minions are destroyed, you can launch the final blow. The boss fight is done once her hp is 0. You will complete the dungeon as well. She will also drop some gold, gear items and magic gear items.

Along with these, grab the Nighthowler’s legendary Aspect as well. This is exclusive for all Druid class heroes. This aspect can slow down targets and companions at close-range for 5 seconds. This also increases the Critical Strike Chance stats for Blood Howl skill. Overall, this is an excellent Offensive skill in Diablo 4.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Forbidden Dungeon in Diablo 4. Complete the dungeon and claim your bounty rewards.


What are Dungeons in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you can explore all five major worlds and complete side activities that include side-quests, boss battles, and story quests. These are available in every Dungeon. You have to complete certain objectives and kill bosses. You will be able to claim unlimited loot rewards like gold, xp, legendary aspects and utility items.

How to Unlock Diablo 4 Mounts?

Mounts are horses that you can unlock and ride across sanctuary. Complete Diablo 4 tutorial part quests and missions, reach level 4 and also, complete a priority quest to unlock the Mount feature.

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