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Do not worry if you are facing difficulties in the Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle. Here is the complete walkthrough and guide for you.

You can unlock an Exotic Ghost Shell by completing a puzzle. You need the Report: Pyramid-Inspect quest from the Mars Enclave Evidence Board in order to play this mission. Preservation is actually a good way to get a feel for the basics of Raid mechanics. This is because it takes place in the same swamp and pyramid areas as Vow of the Disciple Raid. So how will you complete the Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle? Read this guide to know.


Destiny 2 Preservation mission

First, you will have to unlock the Destiny 2 Preservation mission in order to play the Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle. There is a special mission from the Evidence Board in the Mars Enclave that allows you to access the Destiny 2 Preservation. Make sure you have finished the Hard Evidence quest in Savathun’s Throne World before you can see the Pyramid-Inspect report on your Evidence Board. Grab the ‘Report: Pyramid-Inspect’ mission and complete the Preservation mission.

To access the Preservation mission and make progress towards unlocking the Exotic Ghost Shell, begin by opening the Destinations page and selecting Savathun’s Throne World. From there, navigate upwards towards the Vow of the Disciple Raid node and locate the Preservation mission node just below. Although it is possible to complete the mission solo, doing so will take considerably longer compared to playing with two other players. Additionally, you will not be able to complete the symbol puzzle without the assistance of others.

What do you need to do?

The Destiny 2 Preservation mission involves destroying the Projection of Savathun, collecting Knowledge Spikes, and depositing them into a Payload to progress through the Disciple’s Bog area. Scorn enemies, including the Knowledge Bearer, will spawn, and stepping away from the Payload in the presence of the Knowledge Bearer will result in a debuff called Pervading Darkness. 

You can remove the debuff by standing inside the Payload’s orange ring or by killing the Knowledge Bearer. After depositing all nine spikes into the Payload, it will move to its next stopping point, and you must repeat the process of defeating a Knowledge Bearer and collecting and depositing spikes. Finally, you’ll reach the Pyramid’s entrance and you will need to complete the Destiny 2 Preservation puzzle to unlock the Exotic Ghost Shell. While solo players may find the mission tedious, it provides an exciting challenge and a chance to progress toward unlocking the Exotic Ghost Shell.

Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle

To complete the Preservation puzzle, you need to work with two other Guardians in your fireteam, or up to five in the Vow of the Disciple Raid. Find the symbol code by jumping through the clear window on the wall to the right of the puzzle room entrance. Inside the small room, you’ll find a wall with four columns of three symbols. Then, interact with the symbol tablets in the puzzle room to enter the code and solve the puzzle. Remember, you cannot complete this solo, so make sure to bring along some fellow players for help.

When entering the code for the Destiny 2 Preservation puzzle, you should view each column as a command. Ignore the Guardian symbol at the top of each column. 

  • The middle symbol in each column tells you how to interact with the symbols in the main puzzle room. 
  • The Enter symbol, which is a grey triangle with a red semi-circle below it, requires someone to stand in front of the symbol, making sure that the symbol’s name appears under their motion tracker. 
  • The Commune symbol, which is a dark triangle with green lines fanning out above it, requires you to follow the ‘Activate’ button prompt in front of the symbol. 
  • Lastly, the Kill symbol, which is a white triangle stabbing a red circle, requires you to shoot the symbol. As an experienced player, you should keep these instructions in mind to successfully solve the Preservation puzzle in Destiny 2.
  • The symbol at the bottom of each column is always different and shows which symbol tablet in the main puzzle room you need to interact with.

Steps for Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle

Step 1: Understand the Code

First, you need to understand the code. For example, let’s consider the code presented:

  • Column 1: Guardian, Enter, Drink = stand in front of the Drink symbol.
  • Column 2: Guardian, Enter, Ascendant Plane = stand in front of the Ascendant Plane symbol.
  • Column 3: Guardian, Commune, Grieve = follow the ‘Activate’ button prompt on the Grieve symbol.
  • Column 4: Guardian, Kill, Guardian = shoot the Guardian symbol.

Step 2: Execute the Code

Once you have understood the code, you can start executing it. Here’s how:

  • Player 1 should stand directly in front of the Drink symbol and make sure that ‘Drink’ appears under their motion tracker.
  • Player 2 should stand directly in front of the Ascendant Plane symbol and make sure that the name appears under their motion tracker.
  • Once Players 1 and 2 are in position, Player 3 should stand in front of the Grieve symbol tablet and activate the symbol using the button prompt.
  • The player that can most easily see the Guardian symbol tablet should then shoot the symbol as quickly as possible to activate it and complete the code.
  • Players 1 and 2 cannot move from their symbol tablets, but Player 3 can move if they need to.
  • If you are completing this puzzle in the Vow of the Disciple Raid, you can have a fourth player ready to shoot the final symbol instead of the third player.

By following these steps, you can solve the Destiny 2 Preservation Puzzle and advance in the game.

How to get the Exotic Ghost Shell

To obtain the Imperious Sun Exotic Ghost Shell in Destiny 2, you must collect all 10 entries of the Shattered Suns lore book. The first five entries can be obtained by completing the Destiny 2 Preservation puzzle five times. The remaining five entries can be obtained by collecting secret audio diaries at the end of the Preservation.

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