Dream 11 Predictions

Dream 11

Dream 11 is a fantasy sports predictor which allows users to create teams for matches related to five sports.

Cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi and volleyball are the sports where users pit themselves against one another to win exciting prizes.

Several real-life leagues are covered on the Dream 11 app/website. Users have to use their skill and judgement to predict which stars can get them the most number of points from their selected game.

Some of the rules of the game

Different number of players are required per fantasy team with eight to be selected for basketball games and 11 for football matches.

There is a credit limit to ensure one user cannot load their fantasy side with the best stars. Additionally, each fantasy team also limits how many stars from one side can be included.

Free and paid entry

After creating a team for a match, users need to enter a competition. Competitions range from paid to free entries with a wide range of prizes.

Media Referee Dream 11

We provide predictions related to some of the biggest games from football and the NBA.

Our predictions are made keeping several factors in mind, however, they provide a guideline and could vary from the actual teams put out on the day of the match.

Users should conduct additional research before creating their teams on Dream 11 while they can use our predictions for hints.




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