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Breana Tiesi is an American model and social media personality known for her work in publications like Playboy and her active presence on Instagram.

Facts about Breana Tiesi

Full NameBreana Rae Tiesi-Manziel
Date of BirthMay 4, 1991
ProfessionModel, social media personality
Claim to FameKnown for her relationship with former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel
EngagementEngaged to Johnny Manziel in 2017; separated in 2019
Modeling CareerFeatured in magazines like Playboy, Maxim, and FHM
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram with a significant following
CollaborationsWorked with various fashion and lifestyle brands
Fitness EnthusiastShares fitness-related content on social media
PrivacyMaintains a relatively private personal life outside of her public persona.

Who is Breana Tiesi?

Breana Tiesi, also known as Breana Rae Tiesi-Manziel, has built a career as a model and social media personality. Born on May 4, 1991, in the United States, she has gained recognition for her work in the fashion industry and her active presence on various social media platforms.

Tiesi’s modelling career took off when she appeared in notable publications such as Playboy, Maxim, and FHM. Her striking looks, confidence, and ability to captivate the camera have allowed her to establish herself as a sought-after model. With her alluring presence and ability to embody different styles, Tiesi has showcased her versatility in fashion and lifestyle shoots.

In addition to her modelling work, Tiesi has cultivated a significant following on social media, particularly Instagram. Her engaging posts share glimpses of her personal life, modelling photoshoots, fitness routines, and collaborations with various brands. Tiesi’s active presence on social media has allowed her to connect with her fans and further expand her reach in the digital realm.

Breana Tiesi

While her relationship with former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel initially brought her into the public eye, Tiesi has focused on building her own brand and career independently. She has embraced opportunities to collaborate with fashion and lifestyle brands, showcasing her style and influence in the industry.

As a fitness enthusiast, Tiesi shares her workout routines and promotes a healthy lifestyle on social media. Her dedication to fitness resonates with her followers and has contributed to her growing online presence.

Breana Tiesi continues to evolve her career as a model and social media personality, utilizing her unique style, social media savvy, and passion for fitness to carve her own path in the industry. Her ability to engage with her audience and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape positions her as an influential figure in the modern fashion and social media spheres.

Net Worth

Breana Tiesi has achieved financial success in her career as a model and social media personality. With a reported net worth of $6 million, she has accumulated significant wealth through her modelling projects, brand collaborations, and social media endeavours. In addition to her net worth, Tiesi reportedly earns a salary of $90,000 per year, which further contributes to her financial stability.

Breana Tiesi

Her ability to leverage her online presence and capitalize on modelling opportunities has enabled her to secure a comfortable income. Tiesi’s financial success is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit in the competitive world of modelling and social media.

Personal Life

Breana Tiesi keeps her love life and personal affairs secret and doesn’t talk about her partnerships. Public people frequently have their relationships referred to as “dating” when they are spotted together, yet their relationships can range from friendship to passion.

Bre Tiesi’s marital status, divorce, and previous relationships are not made public.

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