Everything you should know about the Brawl Stars Club League Mode

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Here is everything you should know about the Brawl Stars Club League Mode. Fight hard and win to get to the top!

Supercell developed and released Brawl Stars, a multiplayer online fighting arena and third-person hero shooter video game. There are several game modes to choose from, each with its own goal. Brawlers are characters that may be controlled using on-screen joysticks during a game match, and players can choose from a variety of them.

Players in Brawl Stars compete in a variety of game styles against other players or AI opponents. Brawlers are characters that players can unlock through Boxes, the Brawl Pass, the Trophy Road, or the Shop and utilise in combat. Players in Brawl Stars can choose from a variety of game styles, each with its own goal. 

Up to the maximum team size for the game mode, players can invite friends to play with them. Skins, which vary the appearance, movements, and/or sounds of Brawlers, can be purchased with Gems or Star Points or unlocked with the Brawl Pass.

How to Play Brawl Stars Club League Mode

Players receive four tickets per play-day, allowing them to play four matches in either Power or Normal mode. The outcome of each match has a direct impact on your club’s position in the standings. Each player can buy up to four Golden Tickets per week to boost his club’s success and add more trophies. Each Golden Ticket costs 5 Gems or 75 Star Points.

Timings and Requirements

You must have earned 900 Trophies in Trophy Road to be able to play Club League mode. Every week, Club League is only available on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. As a result, you should set aside time on the given days for this competitive mode.

Brawl Stars Club League Ranking

Your club competes in a weekly league with seven other clubs. Even losing a match will result in a specific number of trophies being added to your club’s weekly performance, but winning will result in more trophies. You will gain Club Points based on your position in the standings table at the conclusion of the week, which represents the amount of progress made by your club.

best characters in brawl stars
Brawl Stars Characters

Club points based on rank

1 – 100

2 – 80

3 – 70

4 – 50

5 – 40

6 – 30

7 – 20

8 – 10

We hope that you participate in the Brawl Stars Club League Mode. You can fight and win rewards for your entire Club. You can download Brawl Stars from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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