Who is Kim Gilbert – the wife of American Tennis coach Brad Gilbert?

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Here’s all you need to know about the personal life, wife, career of former American professional Tennis player Brad Gilbert

Brad Gilbert, born in Oakland, California, on August 9, 1961, was raised in a Jewish family and was introduced to tennis at an early age, thanks to his father, Barry Gilbert, who was both a history teacher and a real estate business owner.

He began playing tennis at the tender age of 4 and displayed exceptional skills while attending Piedmont High School, continuing the family’s tennis tradition following the footsteps of his older siblings, Barry Jr. and Dana, who had previously held leading positions on the school’s tennis team.

Brad Gilbert wife
Brad Gilbert wife

Gilbert, who comes from a Jewish background, currently resides in Malibu, California, along with his wife Kim and their three children: Zach, Julian, and Zoe. Notably, he is the owner of a tennis store known as “Brad Gilbert Tennis Nation,” located in downtown San Rafael, California. Additionally, he enjoyed a close friendship with tennis player and commentator Barry MacKay.

Gilbert enjoys a fulfilling and harmonious marriage with his wife, Kim Gilbert. Together, they navigate life’s ups and downs, with Kim playing an integral part in Brad’s personal journey. Their relationship is characterized by mutual support, as they stand by each other in the face of life’s adventures and pursuits.

What are the highlights of Brad Gilbert’s professional career?

Brad Gilbert’s playing style was characterized by his intelligence, unwavering consistency, and unyielding tenacity. He achieved a remarkable tally of 20 singles titles and reached the quarterfinals of several prestigious Grand Slam tournaments, including the US Open and the Australian Open.

One of the defining moments of his career occurred during the 1990 Italian Open when he triumphed over Andre Agassi in the quarterfinals, a match often hailed as one of the greatest clay-court battles in tennis history.

Although he didn’t secure a Grand Slam victory, Gilbert did attain the pinnacle of his singles ranking at World No. 4 in 1990. His strategic prowess and knack for outsmarting opponents on the court earned him the affectionate nickname “Gillou.”

Brad Gilbert
Brad Gilbert

Following his retirement from professional tennis, Brad Gilbert made a seamless transition into coaching. His coaching legacy is prominently highlighted by his influential role in guiding Andre Agassi during a highly successful phase of Agassi’s career, during which they clinched multiple Grand Slam titles.

Gilbert’s coaching expertise extended beyond Agassi, as he also mentored other notable players like Andy Roddick and Andy Murray, assisting them in honing their strategic skills and mental fortitude on the tennis court.

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