Dillon Danis Reveals Permanent ‘Lazy Eye’ from Conor McGregor Sparring Session

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Dillon Danis Reveals Permanent ‘Lazy Eye’ from Conor McGregor Sparring Session

Dillon Danis recently disclosed the life-altering impact of a sparring session with Conor McGregor before his 2018 grudge match against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis during a training session (Dillon Danis Twitter)

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley questioned Danis about a perceived ‘lazy eye’ in a photo with his newborn son. Danis candidly explained that McGregor had shattered two bones in his face during their rigorous sparring sessions, leaving him permanently disfigured.

Danis shared this previously undisclosed injury information along with a video of McGregor discussing the grueling preparation for the Nurmagomedov fight. McGregor detailed the toll it took on him, including broken orbital bones, zygomatic arches, swallowed teeth, and numerous other injuries:

“Fun fact: In the lead-up to UFC 229, while doing hard sparring sessions with Conor for the Khabib fight, I broke my zygomatic arch and orbital bone, so I think I’m just stuck like this. Broken orbital bones, broken zygomatic arches, swallowed teeth, broken feet, broken fingers – this has been a warzone!”

Despite the brutal preparation, McGregor ultimately lost to Nurmagomedov, who secured a rear-naked choke submission victory in the fourth round.

Danis, who is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, is set to make his boxing debut against Logan Paul on October 14. McGregor has claimed he will coach Danis for this fight, but given the damage from their previous sparring sessions, coaching may be the safer role for him.

Logan Paul Agrees to Let Dillon Danis Be His Best Man in High-Stakes Bet

YouTube sensation Logan Paul and MMA fighter Dillon Danis have added a high-stakes twist to their upcoming boxing match. During a recent face-off, Danis reminded Logan of a bet they had made earlier, stating that if he wins, he gets to be the best man at Logan’s wedding to fiancée Nina Agdal. Logan agreed to this condition but added another: if he wins, he gets Danis’s entire purse.

The bet was made during a heated exchange between the two, who have been feuding online for weeks. They’ve also agreed to a rematch in MMA if Danis shows up for their boxing match on October 14. This match has been a topic of concern for fans after Danis withdrew from his bout against KSI earlier this year.

The bet has sparked curiosity among fans, especially considering that Agdal recently obtained a restraining order against Danis due to his online posts about her. Whether Danis will actually serve as Logan’s best man remains uncertain, but the ultimate outcome will only be determined when they meet in the ring on October 14.

In the meantime, their feud has escalated, with Danis calling Logan a “scamming coward” over a lawsuit related to their upcoming fight.

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