Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List – June 2022

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Here is our complete guide on Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List where you can find the best heroes in the game ranked based on their strengths and usability in the game.

Bloons TD 6 is a tower defence game with a large number of monkey and hero combinations to choose from. Each monkey has three distinct improvement pathways, allowing you to try out a variety of various combinations. Synergy and tower placement, as in any tower defence game, are crucial, as is knowing what to build. It’s a good idea to obtain an idea of which Monkeys and Heroes are genuinely worth your time before you start trying.

Bloons TD 6’s objective is to keep the Bloons from escaping by reaching the exits. How do you go about doing that? You’ll need to construct a succession of monkey towers to defend yourself. You can spend the money you earn from popping Bloons to enhance your towers or build new ones. If you’re familiar with the Bloons TD series, the first thing you’ll notice is that the game, unlike previous editions, features 3D graphics, as well as new game elements such as new Bloons, heroes, and upgrades. If you are interested you can also check out our Clash Royale Cards Tier List and Jurassic World Alive Tier List.

Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List

Heroes are towers that have their own attacks and powers that players can activate. In comparison to regular towers, players can only choose one hero per game from the twelve currently available. They can be leveled up in one of two ways: by earning experience points or by purchasing in-game currency. Heroes can achieve a maximum level of 20 and gain additional powers based on that level. Without further ado,  here is our Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List.

S Tier


The Adora Ninja Alchemist combo alone is reason enough to place her in the S tier.

Her ability to see past walls comes in handy as well. Except for CHIMPS and Co-Op mode, she is a hero with no significant flaws. You should try it out if you haven’t already.

Obyn Greenfoot

The druid combination is far too powerful. At level 2, he grants all adjacent druids +1 piercing, and things only get better from there. His activated abilities aren’t particularly impressive, which is why he’s not ranked higher.


Sauda’s only flaw is her limited range, which makes her map-dependent. Aside from that, she’s a fantastic unit with high pierce, attack speed, and camo detection built in.

A Tier


In many game modes, Benjamin’s cash making and live generating abilities are simply too good, making him a very solid choice. He’s a ‘forgiving’ hero who’s especially helpful to newcomers.

Pat Fusty

Pat Fusty is a hero with the most notable ability in the game. The Rallying Roar is one of the best abilities in the game that makes Pat Fusty worth investing in. Apart from that, she comes in handy in the late game stage.

B Tier


Overall, Gwendolin is a good hero who is a jack of many trades but a master in none. She is capable of doing a lot of things well, but she isn’t particularly strong in anything other than late-game circumstances. She is sort of a better Quincy.


His power boost occurs at level 10, when he obtains UCAV, but he is relatively weak before that. There is only one reason why he isn’t on a lower tier. That’s due to the effectiveness of his ability and how well he scales into the late game.

Captain Churchill

Captain Churchill is the most expensive hero in the game, and upgrading to each level takes a lot more experience than other heroes. As a pure DPS hero, his skills inflict a lot of damage, but he’s only good on certain maps.

b tier hero in bloons td 6
Gwendolin in Bloons TD 6

C Tier

Admiral Brickell

Admiral Brickell isn’t the worst hero, but she’s a far cry from her former self. She can be quite useful in some situations, but her main drawback is that she can only be utilised on water.

Striker Jones

Striker Jones has earned a series of buffs, and he is now in a far better position than he was previously. In late-game scenarios, he’s excellent insurance, and he shines in CHIMPS and MOAB spam strategy in particular.

D Tier


She’s useful in a pinch, but she pales in comparison to other heroes. One of her strongest characteristics is that she can knock down Big Airship of Doom at level 20, although she suffers greatly until late in the game.


Quincy is just an overall average hero. He has good stats and can be a useful member of your team. But you should also consider all the other heroes in the competition who can do a much better job.

This was our Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List. You can use this as a guide to finding the best heroes in the game. You can download Bloons TD 6 from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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