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You will need the best weapons to take down Anton Castillo and his goons in Far Cry 6. Here are all the best available weapons and ways to get them.

When it comes to exploring Yara and fighting bands of soldiers across the game’s open world, there are a number of Far Cry 6 weaponry to pick from. With so many distinct rarities, bonuses, and perks, deciding where to invest your resources and which guns are the most valuable can be difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of our personal favourites from around the game, ranging from our top early-game weapon suggestions to those that may take a bit more time but will be well worth the effort. All of the standard weapons in the Arsenal menu, above the Unique weapons, can be purchased from camp vendors or found in chests all around the world. They can deal massive damage and be as powerful as any of the unique weapons if upgraded at a workbench. So you might want to give them a chance.

Best weapons in Far Cry 6

La Varita

La Varita, perhaps one of the game’s most overpowered weapons, is a weapon that every player should have in their loadout. By default, the weapon’s damage capacity has been exceeded, causing an excessive amount of damage to a large number of foes, both armoured and unarmoured. The weapon can see and blast through walls when paired with its partner mod, the Triador Supremo, which has the Truesight ability. As long as players can land a decent shot, it boasts decent short to mid-range accuracy and an outstanding firing rate. You can obtain both La Varita and Triador by completing the Triada Relics trio of treasure hunts

best shotgun far cry 6
La Varita

Crackle and Pop

Crackle & Pop is an excellent weapon for annihilating targets in a matter of seconds. The weapon is great for mid-range assaults, has an appropriate bullet velocity, and a huge magazine size even without any attachments or upgrades. When combined with the Blast Rounds mod, this fearsome LMG’s firepower is unstoppable. Its 700 RPM firing rate deals even more damage. You can find this gun in a contraband chest on top of the El Rayo Cinema in the city of Esperanza.

crackle and pop far cry 6
Crackle & Pop


This one-of-a-kind shotgun is a blast to play within Far Cry 6. When adversaries are hit in the face with one of its high-velocity, strong bullets, they will bounce and ragdoll around. This isn’t the best option if you want to do substantial damage. However, if you want to knock foes off cliffs and into walls, you’ll want to get your hands on this shotgun. You can find this gun on top of the jamming tower during the Radio Libertad story mission.

best weapons far cry 6


The Supercharger is a silent, buck-shot-firing shotgun that is both strong and stealthy. You can use this to creep around enemy camps and, if you’re discovered, drop their whole health bar in one shot without arousing suspicion. At any stage in the game, this is a terrific pick-up. You can find this weapon on the GDP Oil Platform. A red button in the control room will activate the crane that lifts a container out of the way of a neighbouring container entrance. You will find the Supercharger in the second container.

best shotgun far cry 6
Super charger shotgun


Far Cry 6’s version of the MP7, which has appeared in a number of shooter games over the years, is quite powerful and handles surprisingly well. This submachine gun is equally lethal and lightning fast when shooting, with a blazing firing rate of 950 RPM and accuracy that outperforms other weapons in its class. The MP7, like other regular SMGs, can be purchased at any Guerilla Camp’s Guerilla Garrison.

MP7 in Far cry 6
MP7 SMG in Far Cry 6

Hi Fi

The Hi-Fi features a superb magazine clip that can hold up to 40 rounds per mag and has a lot of force behind it. It also features two iron sight modifications, with the Gut-Wrencher mod being ideal for individuals who aren’t searching for constant headshots but still want to do the maximum damage. You can find this weapon at Bincho’s ranch during Radio Libertad Mission

Hi-Fin Far Cry 6

La Clavadora

The Clavadora isn’t the best weapon in the game, but it’s a lot of fun to wield and packs a punch. To call La Clavadora a crossbow is an understatement: this beauty fires a gigantic harpoon at the adversary in your line of sight and is practically certain to kill with a single shot. It’s a pain to use, so it’s not ideal for multiple-player firefights, but if you need someone to be really, truly dead, La Clavadora is the way to go. La Clavadora is available for purchase from Juan (Libertad Island) in exchange for Uranium. 

far cry 6 la clavadora
La Clavadora

Zona 51

Although there are no talents in Far Cry 6 that provide you with elemental damage of any kind, the Zona-51 rifle comes close. You’ll be able to deal fire damage to foes simply by shooting them, as well as setting them and nearby things on fire. This is a fun little thing when dealing with a horde of enemies in close proximity. You can find this weapon near La Divinidad Cathedral in Old Pueblo.

zona 51 far cry 6
Zona 51

RAT4 Rocket Launcher

The RAT4 Rocket Launcher is the weapon to use if you want to cause explosive damage to anti-vehicles all throughout Yara. The RAT4 Rocket Launcher is highly suited for destroying buildings, camps, blockades, or if you need to push back forces, as it fires rocket-propelled missiles with amazing precision at long range. Players can unlock this weapon after completing the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt near Del Toro Port in Novemtarmas.

best weapon rocket launcher far cry 6
RAT4 Rocket Launcher

This was our selection of the best weapons in Far Cry 6 and the locations where you can find them. Each weapon has a distinct use where it can perform extremely well. The guns were selected on our personal choice. You are free to choose any other gun based on your playstyle and preference. 

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