Best Strategies for Each Boss in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Want to take down every Baldur’s Gate 3 boss? Well, you are at the right place, we have all the strategies for you.

In the harsh world of Baldur’s Gate 3, where every fight is a matter of life or death, it can be a huge challenge to beat the tough bosses. We know the problems you’re facing, and we’re here to give you a guide that will help you beat these tough bosses. Let’s talk about how to beat each Baldur’s Gate 3 boss and all the different ways to do it.


Gut True Soul 

To take on True Soul Gut, put together a group of characters whose long attacks do a lot of damage. Archers and wizards are great at this because they can do steady damage from far away. This makes sure you can keep your distance and still hit hard. True Soul Gut is a tough Baldur’s Gate 3 boss, but you can get the upper hand by using spells or skills that can stun or slow down the Baldur’s Gate 3 boss. Spells like “Hold Person” and “Web” can be very useful for stopping True Soul Gut from moving around and making it easier to hit. Focus your attacks on the weak spots of True Soul Gut, which are its eyes and gut. If you hit these weak spots, you’ll do the most damage and win the battle faster.


Minthara is a Baldur’s Gate 3 boss who is known for having a lot of health and strong defenses. Make sure your party has members with high Armor Class (AC) and Hit Points (HP) to beat her. This battle works best with fighters and barbarians. Minthara uses spells a lot, so it’s important to stop her from casting them. Spells like “Counterspell” and “Silence” can be used to stop her power and make her a lot less dangerous. Minthara does most of her damage with her ranged weapons. Focus your efforts on stopping these attacks if you want your party members to stay alive.

Dror Ragzli

Dror Ragzlin has powerful psionic powers that can do a lot of damage to your group. To protect against these mental attacks, use priests or paladins with high Wisdom (WIS) saves. To protect your party from Dror Ragzlin’s psionic attacks, use spells or skills like “Mind Blank” or “Protection from Evil and Good.” Your defenses will be stronger and your party members will be safe if you take these steps. When fighting Dror Ragzlin, try to hit his eyes and brain to take advantage of his weaknesses. Your progress will depend on how well you attack. 


To confront Kagha, ensure your party includes characters with high AC and HP. Fighters and barbarians are once again optimal choices for this encounter. Kagha’s agility can be a considerable challenge. usespells or abilities like “Slow” or “Hold Person” to hinder her movements, reducing her effectiveness in battle. Kagha relies on ranged attacks for damage. By neutralizing her ranged capabilities, you can mitigate the threat she poses to your party. You can use more builds like Shadowheart, Wyll, Minsc, and Minthara.


For the battle against the Owlbear, the same strategy applies—assemble characters with high AC and HP to endure its powerful attacks. Use spells or abilities like “Hold Animal” or “Web” to slow down or stun the Owlbear, creating openings for your attacks. Focus your strikes on the Owlbear’s eyes and stomach to maximize your damage output and hasten its defeat.

Auntie Ethel

Once again, recruit characters with high AC and HP, favoring fighters and barbarians, for the encounter with Auntie Ethel. Auntie Ethel relies heavily on spellcasting. To thwart her, usespells like “Counterspell” or “Silence” to disrupt her incantations. Auntie Ethel’s ranged attacks are her primary means of damage. Your party’s survival hinges on your ability to counteract these ranged threats effectively. 

Phase Spider Matriarch

Facing the enigmatic Phase Spider Matriarch demands characters with spells or abilities that can reveal her presence. “True Seeing” or “See Invisibility” are invaluable in unmasking this Baldur’s Gate 3 boss. Once detected, usespells or abilities like “Slow” or “Hold Person” to hinder the Phase Spider Matriarch’s movements, reducing her ability to evade your attacks. The Phase Spider Matriarch is most vulnerable when phased out. Focus your attacks during this phase to maximize your damage output and secure victory.


To confront the ferocious Flind, gather characters with robust Armor Class and Hit Points. Fighters and barbarians are once again prime choices. Use spells or abilities like “Hold Monster” or “Web” to stun or slow down the Flind, making it less effective in combat. Strike the Flind’s eyes and stomach to exploit its vulnerabilities. Precise attacks will hasten your victory. Check out some companion builds of Astarion, Gale, Halsin, and Jaheira.

True Soul Nere 

True Soul Nere wields strong psychic abilities. To defend against these mental assaults, enlist characters with high Wisdom saves, such as clerics or paladins. To shield your party from True Soul Nere’s psychic onslaught, use spells or abilities like “Mind Blank” or “Protection from Evil and Good.” These defenses will enhance your resistance and safeguard your party members. Focus your attacks on True Soul Nere’s eyes and brain to capitalize on its vulnerabilities and expedite your victory.


Gather characters with high Armor Class and Hit Points for the fight with Grym. Again, your best choices are fighters and warriors. Use spells or skills like “Control Water” or “Wall of Water” to take control of the lava and use it to your advantage in this one-of-a-kind fight. Use the environment’s pump to crush Grym when it gets close, doing a lot of damage to the Baldur’s Gate 3 boss.



For the Spectator battle, you should always make sure your party has high AC and HP, with fighters and barbarians being the best choices. Use spells or skills like “Blindness/Deafness” or “Phantasmal Killer” to make the Spectator blind or deaf, making it harder for it to target your group. Use the natural cover around you to protect yourself from the Spectator’s eye rays, which could kill you. With good build, you can solve puzzles and survive the Underdark or other quests.


For the Bulette fight, select characters who can hit from a distance, like archers or wizards. Their ability to do damage from afar will prove to be very helpful. Use “Slow” or “Hold Person” or other spells or skills to slow down the Bulette and lower its Armor Class, making it easier to hit. Use ranged strikes first to get rid of the Bulette before it can close the distance and fight up close.


For the final battle with Halsin, make sure your group has a lot of fighters or barbarians with high AC and HP. Use spells or skills like “Slow” or “Hold Person” to slow Halsin down and make it harder for him to fight. Halsin does most of his damage with his ranged weapons. Focus on stopping these strikes if you want your party to stay alive.


What are the weaknesses of the True Soul Gut?

The True Soul Gut’s weaknesses are its eyes and stomach. You can focus your attacks on these areas to deal more damage.

What are the best spells to use against Minthara?

Some of the best spells to use against Minthara are Hold Person, Silence, and Counterspell. Hold Person can paralyze her, Silence can prevent her from casting spells, and Counterspell can disrupt her spellcasting.

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