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Skip Launch Video is the best mod to use in Starfield. Also, find out more Starfield start game mods here.

Starfield is a stunning space exploration and RPG. The game is set in New Atlantis and you will travel to over 1,000 planets in the galaxy. Here, your task is to join forces with factions and defeat the aliens. There are plenty of main story quests in the early stages of the game. Completing these unlocks Credits and other primary resources like Iron, Lithium and Neon.

Every resource is used to craft equipment, spaceships, outposts and ships. The stories take place after the first colony war in the year 2330. Also, while landing on planets, you can scan the resources over there. Overall, Starfield is a unique sci-fi experience where the battles between humans and aliens are the major highlights.

While you embark on your missions, it’s also necessary to create your characters and choose traits, skills and background. This will be essential and you can choose characters that have the best skills. Starfield has many difficult quests and monstrous aliens in every act.

You need the best weapons, shields, skills and companions to tackle them. Also, you can use mods to exploit new skills. Though it’s not allowed, players have been using mods right since the start of Starfield. Mods in early stages of the game will be highly useful. So, find out the best start game mods to use in Starfield here.

Starfield Start Game Mods!

With mods, you will be able to dominate aliens. Mods grant new skills and reduce the enemy’s hp and powers. Some mods are used to unlock unlimited credits and weapons. Here are the best Starfield early game mods,

Starfield start game mods
  • Enhanced Player Health Bar – This mod changes your Health bar colors. If your hp is at 75% or more, the color will be white. If it’s above 50%, it will be brown. Once your health bar goes below 25%, it will turn to orange. The colors will be bright and you can spot them without zooming in much.
  • Tactical Crosshair – Crosshair is both good and bad. Even after completing battles, some players are disturbed by Crosshairs plastered on their screens. This doesn’t help as you won’t be able to spot enemies and aiming gets worse. To overcome these, this mod is used and you can remove crosshair immediately. It will be activated once you take on enemies from first-person or third-person perspectives.
  • Easy Digipick (Lockpick) – This is an incredible mod that lets you perform lockpick easily. This mod adds extra keys and key slots. You can unlock locks without getting caught.
  • Unlimited Sprint – Tired of chasing enemies or finding something? Sprinting in Starfield requires O2 and Health. The more you sprint, the more your energy is reduced. This Nexus mod is deployed to increase sprinting without losing oxygen levels. You can sprint for a long time and save your energy
  • Vanilla Flashlight Improved – Your flashlight becomes glowing and turns more beaming than ever before. Use this mode to increase the brightness and the luminous flashlight removes all banding artifacts and ensures you sport everything at ease. This mod is available in three flavors.
  • Lazy Cheats – This is the best mod for beginners in Starfield. All you need to do is to launch the console and type the commands to unlock unlimited ammo, weapons, credits, xp, digipicks, mass, and shields. For eg, digi10000, money10000, ammo100, type these chests and unlock everything you need
  • Skip Launch Video – You can’t play Starfield without viewing some of  Bethesda’s previous game glimpses. You don’t have the option to skip it either. So, this mod can be activated to skip the intro video and it takes you directly to the game. By doing this, you can save lots of time and no one wishes to see the same video every time they launch the game.
  • Less Spongy Enemies – You can tackle those elite level spongy enemies. Elite enemies are boosted with high hp, you can use this Starfield mod to reduce their hp. Once their hp is reduced, you will be able to negate their attacks and defeat them.
  • Photo Mode Tweaks –  Another excellent mod that enhances the range of camera and you can quickly spot enemies and make sure they are not escaping from your reach. The camera view will be excellent.
  • Craftable Ammo and Utilities – Ammo, Digipicks and Medpacks were never craftable. But this mod makes sure you can craft all these resources.
  • Dark Mode for Terminals – Want to go the darker mode? This mod removes light, brightness and all glowing effects. Terminals have to play in a dark theme. You will unlock the larger font menu options and kiosks.
  • StarUI Inventory – Use this mod to improve inventory screens on your PC. You will be able to add sortable columns, inventory lists, category icons before any item name and more.
  • Cleanfield – This cleans everything that you wish to skip. There will be no intro videos, Bethesda logos and videos, and messages. Also, you can use fps upto 120.
  • Baka Achievement Enabler – Use console commands and unlock all Achievements and Trophies. Whenever you open the Console, the warning message is disabled.
  • BetterHUD – This mod  puts a full stop to distraction. You will  experience immersive  gameplay as those XP, location texts and many more will be moved. This mod also disables enemy’s health bars and hit markers.
  • The Eyes of Beauty – This mod is used to enhance your beauty. You can add textures to your character’s eyes by replacing the existing standard ones.
  • Ship Skip – This mod removes all slow docking cutscenes. You can remove the ground landing and take-off immediately. This instant station docking mod also removes the animations.
  • Visible Skills Descriptions – Skills and their descriptions can be viewed even if they are locked. You don’t have to open your leveling trees every time to view them, instead this mod can be utilized.
  • Stealth Overhaul – Difficulty in stealth gameplay gets reduced. Also, sound that players make outside will be removed. This mod also reduces the detection of sleeping NPCs and stealth penalty for running.
  • Instant Scan – Land in Flora and Fauna without much hassle. The number of scans you make for resources will be gradually decreased.
  • No Shield Limit – This mod increases your shield limits and you can wear many shields at a time. Take on those elite monsters and aliens with full protection and unleash your skills
  • No Weapon Power or Count Limits – Weapons will get full powers and there is no count limit. You can use many weapons of three types.
  • Increased Scan Distance – The distance for scanning objects and resources will be reduced fully. Be it flora, fauna or other planets, you will be able to scan resources from a long distance
  • Enhanced Subtitles – Improve your gaming experience with this mod that enhances subtitles. Even for dialogues, you will be able to use subtitles.
  • No Minimum Landing Gear – This mod increases the gear slots while landing on planets. Activate this mode and carry unlimited gear items.
  • No XP Kill Steal Fix – Use this mod and get back your XP and number of kills. NPCs and Companions on certain planets will steal your xp rewards and kills, but this mode makes sure these things don’t happen anymore. Also with this mod, you just have to deal 1% damage to NPCs in combat to claim your rewards and XP.
  • Jetpack Overhaul – You can use jetpacks while holding buttons. Also, it will only consume less energy and thrust. 
  • Shipyards Unlocked – Use this mod to unlock all new vendor shipbuilding parts in every shipyard. You can also get new space station parts for ships
  • Increased Space Loot Distance – The distance for picking loot in space will be increased.
  • No Engine Power Limits – Power limit for engines will be doubled. Also, you can add more powers.
  • Infinite Ship Storage – All ship cockpits will get 500,000 storage.
  • Simple Faster Walk – Your movement speed gets boosted and you will be able to walk faster than before. You can catch enemies, NPCs and companions by walking fast
  • Easy Speech – Speech checks will be done at ease and this will work on all difficulty levels.

These are the best start game mods to deploy in Starfield. Mods are not recommended as using them may bring harm, yet some players have been using them. Use mods at your risk and unlock new features in the game.

Frequently Asked Question

Who can Play Starfield?

Starfield is exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X/S. You can purchase either Standard or Digital Premium Edition. PC users can directly purchase the game on Steam. Those who have active Xbox Game Pass subscription can unlock Starfield along with many exclusive games.

Can you Recruit NPCs in Starfield?

Yes, you will meet Starfield NPCs right from the start. Once you complete some objectives or quests, you will be able to recruit them to your team. NPCs don’t stay for a long time as you can remove them from your crew once their job is done. NPCs offer different skills like stealth and scavenging.

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