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Farming credits in Starfield gets easier by completing side-quests. Check out our guide to find the top 10 side-quests in Starfield.

Starfield, the sci-fi game has a plethora of quests. Be it the main story missions or side-quests, everything is important and it increases your in-game levels and unlocks rewards as well. Side-quests are comparatively smaller to main quests as you only have a limited set of objectives. Some side-quests can be ignored as they don’t get you anything.

But you can play other side-quests to accumulate resources, ammo, weapons, shields, xp and credits. Starfield has infinite side-quests on each planet. You have to choose those quests that provide valuable loot rewards and resources. So, find out the best Starfield side-quests and its objectives here in our guide.

Top 10 Starfield Side-quests to Play!

The open world in Starfield lets you travel to any planet. The galaxy is filled with thousands of quests and challenges for players. With a spaceship, you can land on planets, join factions and start to play quests. Here are the best Starfield side-quests play in stages of the game,

First Contact 

Starfield side-quests

First Contact can be your first side-quest if you reach Porrima Ii planet in the Porrima system after you return from Paradiso. Here, you can meet the security officer named Jiro Sugiyama and acquire the quest. The major quest objective is to investigate a large unidentified ship in orbit. 

You have to convince crew members of the ship to follow the rules and regulations set by the Paradiso organization. This also helps to avoid wars against other organizations. There is a large threat and it can only be avoided if crew members cope with rules of the Paradiso. Once you complete this quest, you will get exp, artefacts, weapons and an exclusive resort pass by the management of Paradiso Resort. 

This resort pass is for lifetime and you can go and stay whenever you visit this location. Paradiso is one of the most fascinating spots in Starfield. You can explore this location for quests, combat , fun activities and partying with friends. 

Juno’s Gambit

This will be another good quest to do expe if you are a part of the Ryujin Industries. Travel to the Tau Ceti III planet and kickstart this quest. For this quest, you have to side with a group or else you can choose to be their enemy. Juno is an NPC who has killed an important member of the Ryujin Industries. Later, it’s discovered that Juno is also a Rogue AI.

Once you begin the quest, you have to destroy the Ecliptic ship. Next, you have to encounter two operatives and slay remaining enemies.  The other major objectives are to install control board and free operatives along with Juno. This quest gets you 300 xp and 4000 credits. Play this on priority if you have joined the Ryujin Industries faction.

Operation Starseed

Operation Starseed can be played if your level is at 50 or above. This quest is located on Charybdis III. Travel to the planet and land at a colony called the Crucible. Here, you will find ancient robots and clowns. Your task is to visit the lab, research center and facility and investigate them.

This quest reveals many surprises. Complete all major objectives and you can travel with a companion. Once you win the challenge, you can hire one of these clowns to your crew permanently. Also, you will receive exp, credits and digipicks.


This is one of the best starting quests for every member of the Constellation faction in Starfield. Talk to the NPC, Walter Stroud  at the Lodge. You can also find him at the Stroud-Eklund Staryard. Discover the objectives from the NPC and meet another NPC called Jules. Discuss about a new ship project with the NPC and also you have to find market research data.

You have to convince Jules and get the nod for a big budget. Once he approves, meet Walter Shroud again on Jemison. At the end, you will receive a top-tier ship called Kepler R.

The Audition

The Audition quest is available in Neon on Volli Alpha planet. This quest is about two notorious gangs and their criminals. Meet Andrea in Madame Sauvage’s Place and find out essential information about these two gangs, Strikers and Disciples. You have to join the Strikers gang to progress further.

Next, you have to enter the Emporium Building and reach the Ebbside. Now, you have to loot and steal some items from the Disciples gang and give it to an NPC from Strikers. With this, the quest will be completed as well. You can claim credits along with an exclusive Strikers Maskwear apparel, a legendary cosmetic reward.

Tourists Go Home

This is an a quirky mission. Tourists Go Home can be started in Homestead on the Titan planet orbiting the Saturn. As per the instructions by a local doctor in Homestead, you have to scare tourists in this location. You can go in a monster costume in a Scooby-Doo style. You can find tourists with a blue marker on your map.

Threaten all tourists and make them leave the colony. You have to do this two or three times to complete the quest. Also, the doctor will reward you with a scary outfit.

In Memoriam

This is a companion quest that you can complete for Sarah. This quest is available in New Atlantis and you have to meet Admiral Logan in MAST district to collect the questline. This side quest has many objectives and you can enhance your relationship with Sarah.

The first set of tasks are to land on Cassioppeia I planet Sarah at the campsite. You have to find the Shuttle where Sarah lived once. The shuttle is destroyed and you also have to find the Power Cell to activate it and discover more about the shuttle.

Defeat enemies like Stonewalkers before getting to the next location. Meet the mysterious girl, Sona and help her to stay on Cassioppeia I planet. You have to find over 10 Genetags on graveyard and give them to Admiral Logan.  Also, you can ask Sona to stay at her home instead of moving out.

Your final stop will be at the Waterfalls of New Atlantis. Here, Sarah will confess her love and you can propose to her as well. You can either choose to be her friend or romance her forever.

Run the Redmile

Redmile is a casino on Porrima III. You have to run the Redmile and complete the quest. Meet the NPC , Mei, and collect the quest. Find out the objectives. You have to investigate the area and find the device to activate the Red Mile Beacon as it’s destroyed badly.

Also, you can acquire quests from vendors near the spaceport. There are many small tasks to do in the Redmile. Beware of Redmile maulers who intrude your progress.  Clear all objectives and get rewards like Spacesuit, Swimsuit, Credits, Ammo and Drinks.


This mission is located on Altair II planet in the Altair star system.  Once you reach this location, you will receive a distress call. The Quest begins once you receive the call and you can spot spacers invading the area. These spacer enemies will demolish all outposts within the zone. There will be many types of enemies for this quest.

Complete every combat. You can use a melee weapon to counter elite enemies and creatures here. There will be many combat for the Groundpounder quest. Once you complete all quests, the Peacekeeper gun will be your reward.


Mantis quest grants exp, credits and Razorleaf ship. Travel to Denebola I-B moon in the Denebola system. Now, discover the secret outpost that’s destroyed by a group of criminals. From here, you have to find the underground area. Everywhere there will be hostile creatures, so you can collect some ranged weapons to shoot them.

At the end, you have to complete the Mantis puzzle in Mair of the Mantis. To complete this puzzle, you just have to walk on letters that form the word ‘Tyrannis’. Finally, enter the secret room and collect Mantis Spacesuit along with the Razorleaf ship. This ship has great controls and it supports upto 2 crew members. The shield is also powerful and makes it one of the best ships to use in Starfield.

These are the best Starfield side-quests to play in every phase. There are thousands of side-quests. Once you join a faction, these side-quests will be unlocked. Completing them gives the best experience and you can amass more XP and credits.

Apart from these, there are many side-quests in the game. Some side-quests are optional, but still you can play them to farm and craft new items, weapons and credits.


How Many Factions are there in Starfield?

Starfield has 5 main Factions that are Ryujin Industries, Constellation, Crimson Fleet, Freestar Collective, and United Colonies. Apart from these five, you can join six more groups that are connected with every faction. You can join any faction and leave whenever you wish. Starfield also allows you to join multiple factions at once.

How Many Main Story Missions are available in Starfield?

As of now, there are 19 main story quests. You can beat Starfield after completing these missions that have plenty of objectives to do. Main story quests are essential for your progress in the game.

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