Best Settings and Controls for Fortnite Mobile – Android and iOS

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With the best Fortnite controls and settings for mobile, you can rock the game. Find out the best settings for graphics, fps and combat.

Fortnite, the action adventure game is full of battles, quests, boss battles, and more challenges. Players explore locations in islands and compete against others for loot rewards. Fortnite is available for every device and there are no changes when it comes to features and content. Technically, there will be some minor changes that vary from PC users to Console and Mobile users. Fortnite has mind blowing visuals and graphics. 

You can customize settings and optimize your gameplay as well. There are many in-game controls that you can change to enhance visuals, playing style, and more. Changing Fortnite settings and controls will give a different experience and you can change your playing style. 

Your performance becomes better as well. Fortnite’s default controls and settings have been the best for PC users and Consoles. When it comes to Android and iOS, you have to change some settings as you don’t have access to keyboard or mouse.

Fortnite for mobile is totally different and here all you need is tilt, touch, tap, and play. Fortnite mobile users have struggled a lot with many controls that include graphics, aiming, attack, and more. Changing these Fortnite settings boost your speed and your performance goes to the next levels as well. Here are the best Fortnite in-game settings and controls for mobile.

Fortnite Mobile Settings – Best Controls for Android and iOS!

Right from movement to aiming, every control is essential in Fortnite. You have to keep it not more than the required level and keeping it low will also impact your playing style. Here are the best combat, graphics, FPS and other in-game controls for Fortnite mobile users,

Fortnite Mobile settings
  • FPS – 60  
  • Acceleration – Medium
  • Allow Low Power Mode – Off 
  • Touch Sensitivity – 13%
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 31 %
  • Mantle Activation – Hold Jump 
  • Aim Assist – On 
  • Touch Scope Sensitivity – 45%
  • Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier
  • Aim Toggle
  • Turbo Construction
  • Shooting Enemies – Auto Fire/Tap Anywhere is the best option 
  • Touch Targeting Sensitivity 40%
  • Touch Building Sensitivity – 67%
  • 3D Resolution – 60%
  • Toggle Sprint – On
  • Turbo Building – On
  • Contextual Tips – On
  • Brightness – 50%
  • User Interface Contrast – 1.5x
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off
  • Textures – Epic/Low
  • Use GPU Crash Debugging – Off
  • Motion Blur – Off
  • Vehicle Controls – On
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons  – On
  • Auto Open Doors – On
  • Show FPS – Off
  • HUD Scale – 100 %
  • Shadows – Off
  • Window Mode – Full Screen
  • VSync – Off

These are the best Fortnite primary mobile settings that you have to use by default. With these controls, you can optimize your performance and progress faster. These controls give you the best visuals and targeting enemies becomes easier as well. You can change other settings if required, else you can go with the standard ones.

Fortnite on mobile is always more challenging than other platforms. With these right controls and settings, you can master every technique and stun your enemies. Go with these settings and enhance your skills and become a pro Fortnite player.


Does Fortnite have Battle Royae?

Yes, Fortnite Battle Royale is available and here you can play solo or in squad

Is Fortnite Closing Soon?

No, Fortnite is noy planning to shut down anytime soon.

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