Best loadout for Kilo 141 Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile

Are you looking for the best loadout for Kilo 141 Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile? Here is a list of all the best attachments for Kilo 141 to stabilize your gun efficiently.

Activision released the Kilo 141 in CoD Mobile Season 1: Heist update in January 2022. The Assault Rifle became one of the most highly demanded weapons after it made its debut in the game and ever since then, it has remained a top choice among players.

Best loadout Kilo 141 Assault Rifle
Best loadout Kilo 141 Assault Rifle

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2:Heavy Metal (2023) brought new additions to the game, including various balance changes for guns like M16, Krig 6, AK117, MX9, and more. Out of all these, the Kilo 141 remains to be the top choice among the players and when compared to the other weapons it has ideally proven to be powerful for close-range and mid-range combat in both MP and BR.

Like other guns in COD Mobile, the Kilo 141 has certain limitations too. But the weapon is worthy enough so you cab work your way around its weaknesses to use it efficiently.

Best loadout for Kilo 141 Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile

Kilo 141 Assault Rifle
Kilo 141 Assault Rifle

The Kilo 141 deals 29 damage to the head and 1.4 times the damage, or 40.6 damage, to the body (torso, limbs, and legs). The Call of Duty Mobile assault weapon is difficult to manage, especially for beginners, and has a slightly unpredictable recoil pattern.

Players that find the Kilo 141 Assault Rifle to be uncontrollable can employ the Gunsmith loadout in MP or BR to stabilize the weapon.

The attachments for this loadout in COD Mobile Season 2 are as follows:

Muzzle: OWC Light Compensator

11.1% and 7.0% less vertical and horizontal recoil, respectively. Its ADS Time and Bullet Spread will rise by 5.0% and 8.0%, respectively.

Stock: RTC Steady Stock

There has been an 8.0%, 8.0%, and 3.2% decrease in the ADS Bullet Spread, Hit Flinch, and Horizontal Recoil, respectively. Its ADS Movement Speed is Reduced by 10.0%.

Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

It has an 11.6% increase in ADS Bullet Spread and a 4.0% slower ADS movement speed

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

It has an 8.0% and 9.2% reduction in ADS time and bullet spread, respectively. Its Visible Laser Sights are not great, for players seeking its help to aim.

Ammunition: Extended Mag A

With this the reload time increases by 12.0% and movement speed is reduced by 2.0% as a result of the 10-magazine capacity increase.

After using the Gunsmith loadout attachments mentioned above, the Kilo 141 Assault Rifle has the following characteristics: an increased likelihood of winning more kills.

  • Damage: 29
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Range: 54
  • Fire Rate: 68
  • Mobility: 77
  • Control: 61

The Kilo 141 Assault Rifle’s accuracy and control will both increase with this loadout, although mobility will slightly decline. Players will find it simpler to kill more enemies and boost their chances of winning by using the attachments to stabilize the weapon’s recoil.

These are all the best attachments for Kilo 141 Assault Rifle loadout in CoD Mobile that you can use according to your gameplay. We assure you that by attaching these to your rifle, your gameplay is sought to enhance by a certain percentage than before. Every attachment has its own pros and cons as mentioned above, so keeping in mind all of these factors, you can use them accordingly.

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