Best Demon Units to use in Evil Dead The Game

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If you want to rip off your opponents and kill them badly then you will need some of the best Evil Dead Demon Units with you.

Most Demons originate from Hell, but some come from other dimensions or have existed on Earth in some form. Demons also seek to disrupt, destroy, and rule the way of life for beings in the world of the living.

There is plenty of variation within evil units, let alone the differences between factions, led by boss units Henrietta, Evil Ash, and Eligos. Such differences make it difficult to determine which unit is superior to another. Therefore, we have made up a list of the best Evil Dead Demon Units that you can use to rip off the survivors. 


Skeleton Elite

Necromancers’ Skeleton Elites are slow and expensive like Deadites, but they’re also just a little faster. They don’t deal nearly as much damage, but their versatile skill set – attacking at range and an area of effect attack compensates for it by giving them a lot of flexibility in battle. As well as providing a temporary defensive boost, the shields provide a nice boost.

They can be impacted by the Bone Rage skill, which is the sole method to make troops that are not in your hands attack more frequently, which puts them well ahead of their fleshy counterparts.


They’re trouble for Survivors to deal with and a joy to control. With the Puppeteer’s skill tree, you can buff the ability to clone yourself and rain lightning on your enemies. Even though lightning can be dodged quite easily, with enough Demi-Eligoses around, you can get back-to-back strikes that are harder to dodge if you have the right timing and luck.

You have a problem that has the potential to be deadly when you combine those two factors with their resistance to weapons. They move quickly, so they could be used to trouble Survivors while they’re on the go. Therefore, these are some of the best Evil Dead Demon Units.

Skeleton Flautist

This noncombatant plays a jaunty tune for its entire “life,” but is eventually smashed to pieces by Survivors. So why is this one of the best Evil Dead Demon Units? Having one in play makes your army a bunch of murder machines, giving them a substantial offensive boost as well as a decent defensive boost. At least Survivors will be unable to hunt them down.

Skeletons and Deadites share many positive attributes, making choosing between them a bit difficult. Skeletons have a similar speed to humans but stronger defensive attributes. They have a destructive AoE knockback and a long-range charge, which makes their talents more damage-focused than the Deadites’ more practical ones.


This iconic antagonist from the Evil Dead series proves that just because you are basic, doesn’t mean you’re not useful. The Deadites were footsoldiers of the Warlord’s army. Despite having below average defense and damage, they have a decent speed and a deceptively flexible kit that makes them not to be underestimated.

As a first step, they spawn in with an axe, which significantly increases their damage – and even if they don’t, they can rip off their own appendages and beat you to death using the hilariously-named “Farewell To Arms” ability. Their most frightening – and disgusting – ability is to projectile vomit.

Evil Ash
Evil Ash

Evil Ash

It is hard to kill Evil Ash because he is an adept fighter with the ability to dodge like a Survivor, as well as his robust stat line and the ability to grab. Despite being only just a few feet short of Henrietta’s raw power and durability, he comes out ahead because of his abilities. He summons and revives skeletons, which is why he is known as The Necromancer. If combined with a well-placed Flautist, he can lead an army of skeletons against the Survivors that cannot be stopped.


If you apply Bad Influence on her, fighting her always hurts, as she has a punishing offense and a high defense. In the game, you will have a hard time escaping once someone enters your zone of control when you use Gas Leak and Granny Hug, the hardest grabs in the game. It’s likely that anyone other than the hardiest Warriors will take a beating if they try to match her at close range.

Due to her low speed, Henrietta cannot chase and trouble Survivors well, but this is acceptable since she’s best deployed when Survivors must fight anyway.

So these were some of the best Evil Dead Demon Units that you can have.

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