Best Deals on Strategy Games during the Steam Summer Sale 2022

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Are you a strategy game fan? You won’t believe what offers the Steam Summer Sale strategy games have right now.

Most strategy games require players to use internal decision-tree-style thinking and usually require a high degree of situational awareness. Many strategy games require uncoerced decision-making skills from players. In some ways, strategy games are descendants of war games, where the concept of strategy is seen within the context of war, but this is less accurate. 

A strategy game is one that primarily depends on tactics. You can select your own team members or your own class as a player, which can significantly affect the difficulty and satisfaction of the game. Keeping this in mind, if you love strategy games then we have very good news for you. There is a big offer on Steam Summer Sale strategy games and you just cannot miss it. Read below to find out all the details and price of the game. 

Steam Summer Sale strategy games
Steam Summer Sale strategy games

Best Steam Summer Sale strategy games 

Sid Meier’s Civilization V (Rs 729)

This strategy game has players taking the role of the leader of a country or group of people and guiding their development over thousands of years. The game starts with a small settlement and ends once one of the victory conditions has been met, or just by surviving. Afterward, the highest-scoring civilization is determined by a combination of factors, including population, land, technology, and cultural development. 

During each turn, the player controls units representing civilians and military forces. Civilians are tasked with creating new cities, improving the land, and spreading religion. Military forces can go into battle to take over other civilizations. The player controls the production of units and buildings within their cities and manages diplomacy with other civilizations in the game. They direct their civilization’s technological, cultural, food, and economic growth. They end the game when the winning condition is met.

To win, a player can take the entire world by force, convince the other civilizations that the player is a leader through diplomacy, become influential with all civilizations through tourism, or capture a nearby planet through a space race to build a colony spaceship. This game is no doubt one of the best Steam Summer Sale strategy games.

Tabletop Simulator (Rs 282)

The Player-Driven Physics Sandbox is a physics sandbox where you are free to create virtually anything, subject to a physics simulation. Once you select a table to play on, players manipulate it by spawning and moving virtual pieces, which are subject to the physics simulation. Multiplayer is supported with a maximum of ten players.

In addition to spawning and moving pieces, the game also includes mechanisms to roll dice automatically and hide players’ pieces from each other; other mechanisms provide assistance with administering the game, such as saving the state of the board or undoing moves.

In addition to chess, checkers, and poker, players may mix and match tables and pieces to create new games that can be shared and played with others. Almost any board game from the real world may be recreated in the game by importing photos and models to construct totally new pieces and tables. The game’s Steam Workshop boasts over three thousand games, including adaptations of existing games and unlicensed derivatives of copyrighted works. There is a significant amount of original content, but many items are adaptations of existing games.

Hearts of Iron IV (Rs 274)

As a single-player or multiplayer game, Hearts of Iron IV will allow the player to play as any nation in the middle of World War II in 1936 or 1939, but the game will not extend beyond 1950. In the game, each nation has naval forces, air forces, and ground forces. The player is able to customize, train, and control divisions such as infantry, tanks, and other units. These divisions require proper equipment and manpower to function.

In addition to men and equipment, the navy and air force must also supply ships and aircraft that are used in combat. The military factories produce the ships and the dockyards produce the equipment. The civilian factories construct the military factories as well as a variety of other buildings, produce consumer goods, and oversee commerce with other nations.

As nations become increasingly mobilized, more and more factories will be available for other purposes, rather than devoted to producing consumer goods. Mobilization appears as an “action” that can be adjusted with the right amount of political power, a resource that may also be used to change other aspects of the nation’s government. In addition to mobilization, other policies also exist, including the nation’s attitude towards conscription and commerce. The story and the features of this game is the reason it is on our list of Steam Summer Sale strategy games.

Cities: Skylines (Rs 224)

As a player, you start with two square kilometers of land along with a highway interchange exit and a certain amount of in-game money in Cities: Skylines. Then you add roads, commercial, residential, and industrial zones, as well as basic services like water, sewage, and power to attract residents and provide jobs for them.

In addition to the addition of new city improvements, as population levels increase, the player becomes able to implement new tax and government edicts, mass transit systems, and other features to help manage the city.

The player can designate different areas within their city as districts. In such a district, the player can impose specific regulations or restrict the types of developments that are permitted, such as offering free public transportation for a district to reduce traffic, lowering or raising taxes for different classes of developments, and more. This is one of the best Steam Summer Sale strategy games.

XCOM 2 (Rs 449)

As the commander of the XCOM military organization in XCOM 2, you are battling alien invasion forces opposing the XCOM military organization. Top-down perspective is used in the game where players issue orders to a human squad to eliminate the aliens on a map and complete secondary objectives based on missions. There are many timed missions that require players to complete them within a limited time period. The game features procedurally generated levels that feature unique terrain and buildings on each playthrough. It has four difficulty settings: Rookie, Veteran, Commander, and Legend.

A new game can be started after the campaign has been completed with the “Ironman” mode enabled. In this mode, the player’s save file is overwritten each time they perform any action, so players will not be able to import an earlier save. There is a single-player mode in which players receive a fixed number of points to build a squad made up of both ADVENT and XCOM forces, and attempt to eliminate their opponents. These squads can be shared through Steam Workshop. Because of all these features, XCOM 2 is on our list of Steam Summer Sale strategy games.

More Steam Summer Sale strategy games 

There are some more underrated strategy games that you can try out. Read the list below:

So these were all the Steam Summer Sale strategy games that you should quickly grab and start playing. Do not waste any time as deals are literally around 60-90% off and you might not get these games at such a low price in the future. 

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