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Baki Hanma is an exciting anime series that has won over audiences around the world. It serves as a sequel series for Baki the Grappler manga series.

Baki Hanma debuted last September and quickly attracted an enormous amount of viewers.

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Baki Hanma Season 2 Release Date and Cast 2

In season 2 of the anime series, Baki will face an adversary he never anticipated: an ancient caveman who has emerged from a nuclear waste facility and will test his mettle while providing him with the opportunity to face off against his father for real.

Anime SeriesBaki Hanma
Sequel to Manga SeriesBaki the Grappler
First Season DebutSeptember 2022
Season 2 DetailsDivided into two parts: “The Tale of Pickle & The Pickle War Saga” and “The Father vs. Son Saga.”
Part 1 Premiere DatePart 1: July 26, 2023
Part 2 Release DatePart 2: August 24, 2023
Part 1 SynopsisBaki faces an ancient caveman named Pickle.
Part 2 SynopsisBaki prepares for a fight against his father, Yuujiro.
Key StaffDirected by Toshiki Hirano, Music by Kenji Fujisawa, Character Designs by Shingo Ishikawa.
Voice ActorNobunaga Shimazaki returns as the voice actor for Baki.
Episode CountEach part has 13 episodes.
ThemesIntense action, character development, and exploration of familial bonds.
Part 2 Opening & Ending SongsNew opening and ending theme songs by SKY-HI and BE: FIRST.

Part 1: The Tale of Pickle & The Pickle War Saga

Baki Hanma, an engaging manga adaptation that follows Yujiro Hanma – the world’s strongest warrior – returns to Netflix for its second season! Netflix will release two parts to this season’s edition: one will premiere on July 26 and then another on August 24; The Tale of Pickle and Pickle War Saga will find Baki fighting prehistoric man.

At the conclusion of part one, Baki Hanma faced off against Pickle, a prehistoric man from the Jurassic era discovered “pickled” in a saline rock formation. Although she put forth effort against Pickle, Baki was ultimately defeated by him and a subsequent referendum was held to determine his fate: the majority voted in favor of sending him back into stasis.

However, in Season 4, Baki will face off against an entirely different foe in an underground arena. A teaser trailer already showed this new foe – who may even outperform dinosaurs – proving worthy opposition for him and making for an exciting battleground experience for Baki himself.

Toshiki Hirano of Blood Lad and Vampire Princess Miyu fame will direct all 13 episodes. Kenji Fujisawa of Beezlebub and Ninja Slayer fame is handling music composition. Shingo Ishikawa of Apocalypse Zero and Megalo Box fame will provide character designs inspired by Keisuke Itagaki’s original manga. Baki Hanma received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike in its first season debut last summer; its growing fanbase should look forward to its return this summer.

Part 2: The Father vs. Son Saga

Baki Hanma has returned with its second season on Netflix, continuing the tale of a boy determined to prove he can outshout his father and show how strong he truly is. Already it has amassed an immense fan base, many hoping it could become one of the most popular sports animes available today.

This latest season opens with Baki facing his toughest adversary yet: an ancient Neanderthal named Pickle who preyed upon dinosaurs. Though losing to this ancient Neanderthal, Baki remains undeterred and now trains in preparation for an upcoming fight with his father Yuujiro.

Baki has plenty of support in his pursuit to become the strongest in the world. He counts among his teammates Jun Guevaru, the self-proclaimed strongest man in America who is willing to put his life on the line for his best friend; also Maria is there as an aid and provides her own special abilities that help propel Baki forward in his goal.

Fans can now enjoy an all-new opening and ending theme song performed by SKY-HI and BE: FIRST respectively; both songs add another exciting layer to the show, adding even more energy to every action scene.

Shinji Hirano has directed several top shonen shows such as Ghost in the Shell,”Detective Conan,”and “Fist of the North Star”, so fans will appreciate his ability to create intense and exciting martial arts scenes. Keisuke Itagaki created an original manga called Champion that ran from 1991 until 1999 in Weekly Shonen Champion with 3 sequels; an anime adaptation debuted in 1994 and an additional 24-episode series followed in 2001 before finally landing on Netflix where it began airing as part 1 and 2. Totaling 27 episodes across parts 1 and 2, this show spans 27 episodes over 2 parts 1 and 2.

Release Date: August 24, 2023

Netflix’s adaptation of Baki Hanma, inspired by Keisuke Itagaki’s fight-themed manga, Baki Hanma charts the coming-of-age journey of its titular protagonist; fans laud its intensity of action and character development. Netflix will release Part 2 starting August 24th, 2023.

The first season chronicled Baki’s difficult battles against some of the world’s strongest fighters. Now in its second part, viewers can anticipate more high-stakes fights as well as a deeper exploration of Baki’s journey. With 13 episodes planned per season showcasing both intense training sequences and battle scenes – viewers won’t want to miss it!

As the series advances, viewers will watch Baki face increasingly formidable opponents-from death row inmates to legendary warriors-as well as explore themes surrounding family and familial bonds, along with his painful memory of his mother’s passing.


Nobunaga Shimazaki will return as Nobunaga for part 2 of this show. A widely recognized voice actor, Nobunaga has performed on popular anime programs and movies such as Angel Beats!, Fate/Zero, and Your Name as well as roles such as Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket and Haruka Nanase from Free!.

Alongside its stellar voice cast, the production team for this show includes veteran animation directors. Toshiki Hirano of Blood Lad and Vampire Princess Miyu fame will serve as director for season two; Shingo Ishikawa of Apocalypse Zero and Beelzebub fame will create character designs based on Keisuke Itagaki’s manga.