Another Eden characters and tier list March 2022

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Another Eden has a variety of characters that you can play and here is a tier list based on the rankings from the community.

Another Eden is a rich story-based game with a variety of characters. It has a beautiful art style with amazing gameplay. It will satisfy your old school JRPG needs.

The amazing story is written by Masato Kato and the soundtrack is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, both legends in the gaming community.

Another Eden characters and tier list

S tier

These are some of the best characters in the game. You should definitely use them. They have excellent stats and skills in the game.

Nikeh *WaterKatana, Ring5-star
Cerrine *EarthFists, Necklace5-star
RadiasFireSword, Bangle5-star
KikyoWindAxe, Necklace5-star
TiramisuEarthLance, Bangle5-star
Nagi *EarthAxe, Necklace5-star
CynthiaWindSword, Bangle5-star
Mighty *WaterStaff, Ring5-star
MyunfaEarthHammer, Bangle5-star
BiakaWindHammer, Bangle5-star
Azami *WindKatana, Ring5-star
ManaNullBow, Ring5-star
DeirdreEarthSword, Bangle5-star
HardyFireFists, Necklace5-star
MarielWindStaff, Ring5-star
Renri *FireAxe, Necklace5-star
ElgaEarthKatana, Ring5-star
GariyuFireStaff, Ring5-star
Akane *FireKatana, Ring5-star
MyrusEarthStaff, Ring5-star
Lokido *EarthFists, Necklace5-star
Yuna *WaterStaff, Ring5-star
HismenaWaterLance, Bangle5-star
Shanie *WaterSword, Bangle5-star
EwanFireHammer, Bangle5-star
Anabel *WaterSword, Bangle5-star
YunaWaterStaff, Ring5-star
Shannon *WindSword, Bangle5-star
ClaudeWindBow, Ring5-star
ShannonWindSword, Bangle5-star
Myrus *EarthStaff, Ring5-star
MelinaWaterHammer, Bangle5-star
DeweyWaterFists, Necklace5-star
Laclair *WaterBow, Ring5-star
FelminaWindFists, Necklace5-star
BertrandEarthLance, Bangle5-star
Another Eden X Chrono Cross
Another Eden X Chrono Cross

A Tier

These are some of the great characters in the game. They are very useful with the right setup.

Veina *WindStaff, Ring5-star
Suzette *WindLance, Bangle5-star
ZeviroWaterAxe, Necklace5-star
SuzetteWindLance, Bangle5-star
YiphaWindHammer, Bangle5-star
PremayaEarthBow, Ring5-star
Claude *WindBow, Ring5-star
DunarithWindStaff, Ring5-star
RenriFireAxe, Necklace5-star
TsukihaFireKatana, Ring5-star
ShanieWaterSword, Bangle5-star
Melina *WaterHammer, Bangle5-star
Felmina *WindFists, Necklace5-star
IsukaWindKatana, Ring5-star
SophiaWaterAxe, Necklace5-star
GuildnaFireSword, Bangle5-star
LokidoEarthFists, Necklace5-star
MightyWaterStaff, Ring5-star
Shion *FireKatana, Ring5-star
Mariel *WindStaff, Ring5-star
BivetteFireStaff, Ring5-star
ShionFireKatana, Ring5-star
CetieFireLance, Bangle5-star
NagiEarthAxe, Necklace5-star
Amy *WindFists, Necklace5-star
AnabelWaterSword, Bangle5-star
ShigureWaterKatana, Ring5-star
TsubameEarthFists, Necklace5-star
LaclairWaterBow, Ring5-star
Cetie *FireLance, Bangle5-star
MorganaWindSword, Bangle5-star
LovelyFireFists, Necklace5-star
GariyuFireStaff, Ring5-star
RosettaFireStaff, Ring5-star

B tier

These are average yet well balanced characters.

Isuka *WindKatana, Ring5-star
RadicaFireStaff, Ring5-star
AltenaNullBow, Ring5-star
Saki *WaterStaff, Ring5-star
PhiloWaterAxe, Necklace5-star
AldoFireSword, Bangle5-star
CyrusWaterKatana, Ring5-star
Toova *EarthStaff, Ring5-star
IluluWindAxe, Necklace5-star
HozukiFireBow, Ring5-star
Elga *EarthKatana, Ring5-star
VeinaWindStaff, Ring5-star
CielEarthBow, Ring5-star
ToovaEarthStaff, Ring5-star
JokerFireSword, Bangle5-star
Ruina *WindSword, Bangle5-star
StrawboyNullFists, Necklace5-star
LeviaWaterStaff, Ring5-star

C Tier

These are some of the below average characters with niche use.

FeinneNullStaff, Ring4-star
MiyuFireSword, Bangle5-star
NopaewWindHammer, Bangle4-star
KrervoNullStaff, Ring4-star
ChiyoEarthStaff, Ring4-star
ErinaNullStaff, Ring4-star
RiicaEarthHammer, Bangle5-star
SoiraWindLance, Bangle4-star
PraiNullHammer, Bangle4-star
SakiWaterStaff, Ring4-star
PomNullStaff, Ring4-star
BriaWaterLance, Bangle5-star
HelenaEarthStaff, Ring5-star
GalliardEarthLance, Bangle4-star
Seven Days Encounter Event
Seven Days Encounter Event

D tier

These characters can be used if you have no other option. They are not the meta anymore.

NikehWaterKatana, Ring4-star
ParisaFireBow, Ring4-star
CerrineEarthFists, Necklace4-star
LeleWaterStaff, Ring4-star
SheilaWaterLance, Bangle4-star
AkaneFireKatana, Ring4-star
AmyWindFists, Necklace4-star
AzamiWindKatana, Ring4-star
RavenEarthStaff, Ring4-star
SevynWindStaff, Ring4-star
MirandaFireAxe, Necklace4-star
NeroWaterFists, Necklace4-star
NonoldNullStaff, Ring4-star
BreenoEarthSword, Bangle4-star
RuinaWindSword, Bangle4-star

F tier

These are some of the worst characters in the game. Replace them if you are currently using them.

DennyWaterAxe, Necklace4-star
DarunisWindBow, Ring4-star
RovellaWaterBow, Ring4-star
NomarWaterLance, Bangle4-star
SamoraFireHammer, Bangle4-star
YazukiWindAxe, Necklace4-star
YioEarthAxe, Necklace4-star
LingliFireFists, Necklace4-star
LoviniaWindBow, Ring4-star
ForanWaterLance, Bangle4-star
RufusFireFists, Necklace4-star
MyronEarthSword, Bangle4-star
OtohaEarthKatana, Ring4-star
CyucaWindAxe, Necklace4-star
Good MackyWindFists, Necklace4-star
ZilvaEarthAxe, Necklace4-star
BenedictWindAxe, Necklace4-star
KomachiEarthLance, Bangle4-star
JadeFireLance, Bangle4-star

Note: The * denotes variants of certain characters. They have different stats from the regular characters.

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