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Fans are excited for the huge Animal Crossing New Horizons Update with new characters and great new content. Here is everything you need to know about the version 2 update.

Since its first release in March 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has received regular free updates. Some of these were seasonal updates, such as the most recent Animal Crossing Halloween event, which saw new items for the spooky event. However, it appeared recently that Animal Crossing: New Horizons was gradually closing the door on future releases, until today, when plenty of new content was announced.

The game’s planned Version 2.0 update, which will be released on November 5th, will be the game’s final major free content update, according to Nintendo. Happy Home Paradise, the premium DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will be the first and last big paid DLC, according to IGN. Following that, Nintendo looks to be continuing to support Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but with smaller updates. Here are the Animal crossing New Horizon 2.0 updates

Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0 Update

Brewster’s Cafe – The Roost

After you complete the favour for museum director Blathers, silent proprietor Brewster will open the Roost. The Roost is a new spot where you can unwind and enjoy some hand-selected coffee. It’s possible that you’ll come into some island dwellers here as well. There will also be an Amiibo call centre phone where you can use amiibos to invite characters to join you and have a cup of tea with several visiting friends.

new horizons update - brewsters cafe
The Roost Cafe owned by Brewster (Twitter)

Set sail with Kapp’n

Kapp’n hangs out by the pier and will take you out on his boat to a few of the uninhabited islands. Along the way, he serenades you with a sea shanty, which adds to the enjoyment. You can find yourself on islands with strange vegetation that has never been seen before, or islands with various seasons and times of the day. Each round-trip excursion will set you back 1000 Nook Miles, and the islands you’ll see are unique locations only Kapp’n is aware of.

Harv’s Island Shopping Plaza

With the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update, Harv’s Island receives a significant makeover. Several new shops are joining Harv’s photo studio on the faraway island, offering a variety of services as well as a new home for many of the island’s visitors. You’ll need to contribute Bells to each shop in order to make the shopping area a reality. Many visiting stores, such as Kicks accessories and Sahara’s rugs, carpets, and wallpapers, will open there, as well as some new additions that will bring back some familiar friends like Toertimer, Katrina, Reese and Cyrus.

Cooking and Farming

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll be able to cook! Players will be able to produce new crops and harvest them in order to cook new recipes with kitchenware furniture in the 2.0 update. With our own crops, we’ll also be able to create some new excellent dinner food items. Yes, we can cultivate tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, sugarcane, wheat, and other crops in our own little farms.

farming potatoes, pumpkins and carrots
Farming in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Ladder Set up Kits in Animal Crossing New Horizons Update

Remember the old days when you had to bring out your Ladder every time you wanted to explore an area that was restricted by cliffs? Players will be able to gain an all-new recipe for crafting Ladder Set-Up Kits, which will operate as a permanent ladder construction that can be installed alongside cliffs, as part of the upcoming update.

New Furniture

Nintendo has teased some “never before seen” furniture in the upcoming update. In the Animal Crossing Direct event, we were able to see n ‘Amazing Machine’ and we are all excited to see what makes it so special.

Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons

So far, only fossils have been discovered in the earth, but now gyroid fragments can be found as well. A Gyroid will grow overnight if you place these fragments and water them. Each gyroid makes its own sound. You can play around with different sounds to see what you can come up with. You can also listen to the harmonies they’ll make in tune with the song you’re listening to if you play your stereo or record player.

New Villagers

The Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Series 5 announcement took place during the Animal Crossing Direct on October 15, 2021, and featured nine brand new villagers and seven returning villagers.

  •  Ione (new)
  • Sasha (new)
  • Tiansheng (new)
  • Shino (new)
  • Marlo (new)
  • Petri (new)
  • Cephalobot (new)
  • Quinn (new)
  • Chabwick (new)
  • Zoe (returning)
  • Ace (returning)
  • Rio (returning)
  • Frett (returning)
  • Azalea (returning)
  • Roswell (returning)
  • Faith (returning)

Even if this is the last major update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo has delivered a huge amount of content for the players. We can spend a considerable amount of time enjoying the new changes and the new DLC Happy Home Paradise. Animal Crossing New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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