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Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish

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Fishing is one of the primary activities in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Check our guide to know everything about fish and their locations.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a simulation game from Nintendo. The game has a lot of features and new content. Animal Crossing series is one of the best gaming series and New Horizons is another successful game from the franchise. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, your role is to explore the islands and develop the same with new resources. The game is played based on real-time and the weather keeps varying. Northern and Southern Hemisphere are the two seasons. Tom Nook, the NPC will be your guide during all the quests in the game.

You can pick up animals and bring them to your island. Players get fruit, vegetable, wood, and other items for crafting. You can grow plants, do fishing, and do other things as you do in your life. Overall, Animal Crossing New Horizons is another successful edition of the franchise. Fishing is one of the best activities in the game. There are up to 80 different fish in the river, pier, sea, and pond. Here’s our guide on Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish with all the fish and their locations, selling price, availability, and more.

Animal Crossing New Horizons – All About Fish & Fishing

Here is everything about fish and the locations they spawn in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish
FishShadow SizeLocationCostAvailability
Bitterling SmallRiver900All day
Pale ChubSmallRiver2009am-4pm
Crucian Carp SmallRiver160All day
CarpLargePond300All day
KoiLargePond4000All day
Goldfish TinyPond13004pm-9am
Pop-eyed goldfishTinyPond1300All day
Ranchu Goldfish SmallPond45009am-4pm
KillifishSmallPond300All day
CrawfishSmallPond200All day
Soft-shelled turtleTiny River37504pm-9am
Snapping Turtle LargeRiver50009pm-4am
TadpoleTinyPond100All day
FrogSmallPond120All day
Freshwater GobySmallRiver4004pm-9am
LoachSmallRiver400All day
Giant Snakehead LargePond55009am-4pm
Yellow PerchMedium River300All day
Black BassLargeRiver 400All day
TilapiaSmallRiver800All day
PikeLargeRiver1800All day
SmeltSmallRiver400All day
SweetfishMediumRiver900All day
Cherry Salmon SmallRiver10004pm-9am
Golden troutTinyRiver150004pm-9am
String FishLargeRiver150004pm-9am
SalmonLargeRiver700All day
King Salmon Large River1800All day
Mitten Crab SmallRiver20004pm-9am
Nibble FishSmallRiver15009am-4pm
Neon tetraSmallRiver5009am-4pm
ArapaimaLarge River100004pm-9am
Saddled BichirLargeRiver40009pm-4am
SturgeonLargeRiver10000All day
Sea Butterfly TinySea1000All day
Sea HorseTinySea1100All day
Clown FishSmallSea650All day
SurgeonfishSmallSea1000All day
Butterfly FishSmallSea1000All day
Napoleon FishLarge Sea100004am-9pm
Zebra TurkeyfishMediumSea500All day
Blow FishMediumSea50009pm – 4 am
Puffer FishMediumSea250All day
Horse MackerelMediumSea150All Day
Barred knifejawSmallSea5000All day
Sea BassLargeSea400All day
Red SnapperLargeSea3000All day
DabSmallSea300All day
Olive flounderSmallSea800All day
SquidMediumSea500All day
Moray EelLong and ThinSea2000All day
Ribbon eelLong and ThinSea600All day
TunaLargePier7000All day
Blue MarlinLargePier10000All day
Giant trevallyLargePier4500All day
Mahi-mahiLargePier6000All day
Ocean sunfishFinnedSea40004am-9pm
Saw sharkFinnedSea120004pm-9am
Hammerhead sharkFinnedSea80004pm – 9am
Great white Shark FinnedSea150004pm – 9am
CoelacanthLargeSea15000All day
Whale sharkFinnedSea13000All day
SuckerfishFinnedSea1500All day
Football FishLargeSea25004pm-9am
OarfishLargeSea9000All day

You can catch fish and bugs to get new rewards. You can do fishing in these spots with a fishing rod and hook. Critterpedia app will help you to keep track of your fishing, the number of fish, and everything about fish in the game. Remember that fish will spawn only during a particular season. Some fish will be available in February, Some will be in March, and likewise, you can catch the fish that spawns at your time. Now you are all set for fishing in Animal Crossing New Horizons with our guide. 

With this our guide on Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish and Fishing is done. Go to the fishing spots and catch some fish. We will come back with more updates about Animal Crossing New Horizons soon.

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