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Starfield UC Vanguard quests

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Rewards vary for Starfield UC Vanguard quests but may include credits, XP, specialized equipment, and UC Citizen ID.

Starfield, an RPG by Bethesda that has gotten a lot of praise, takes players to the year 2330 and lets them loose in an open-world galaxy. The world is full of chances for adventure and glory. In this space world, players will meet a lot of interesting characters who will send them on dangerous tasks in exchange for rewards they want. The United Colonies Vanguard, or UC Vanguard, is a good example of one of the groups you can join in Starfield.

Main area of Vanguard
Main area of Vanguard

Joining the Starfield UC Vanguard Quests

Players must first go to the MAST District in New Atlantis before they can start this epic journey and join the UC Vanguard. Inside, they will find Commander John Tuala, who is the key to a world full of brave acts in space. Signing up for the UC Vanguard is the first step in this big plan. This starts with a simple but important task: reading and accepting the faction’s Enlistment Agreement through a computer.

Once this first step is done, players will go on a short historical journey about how humans colonized the universe. It will teach them a lot about the history of the Starfield universe. But this history lesson also helps with the player’s end grade. This is important in the bigger picture of the UC Vanguard missions. The real trial starts with a test that has more than one part, such as a flight simulator and a combat simulator. There are no limits on how many times a player can try, no matter how well they do. When this initiation is finished successfully, the player gets between 7,000 and 20,000 credits. Players also get 250 XP, based on how far along they are in the simulations.

Starfield UC Vanguard Quests – Grunt Work (First Mission)

After the initiation rituals, players enter the UC Vanguard world for real by going on their first task, Grunt Work. This probationary job is to deliver things to Tau Ceti II. This seems like a simple task, but it takes an unexpected turn when a terrifying creature called a Terrormorph shows up. It kills all but one of the colonists.

The lone survivor, Hadrian, becomes the player’s ally in Starfield UC Vanguard quests. It helps to study the Terrormorph and eliminate the threat it poses. Successfully accomplishing this mission marks the player’s official induction into the UC Vanguard’s ranks in Starfield. Players are rewarded with 4,800 credits, 250 XP, and a suite of UC Vanguard equipment. It includes a Pilot Pack, Spacesuit, and Space Helmet.

Delivering Devils

As a respected member of the UC Vanguard, players are given the task of learning more about the mysterious Terrormorphs. They have to find Dr. Percival Walker on Mars, which is where their mission takes them. But the doctor’s position is far from simple. He is in trouble with the powerful Trade Authority, which has put him in a lot of debt.

Players can choose their path in assisting Dr. Walker. It can involve paying off his debt, negotiating it down to a manageable sum, or confronting the Spacer Leader in the treacherous Deep Mines. Regardless of their choice, the Deep Mines must be cleared, making it the most viable option. Dr. Walker can be found in the Abandoned Mines, where players can uncover more about the Terrormorphs. Rewards for completing this Starfield UC Vanguard quests include 9,300 credits and 250 XP.


In the fourth task, players go to the MAST building for a very important Cabinet Meeting. This meeting is a chance for players to learn more about the Terrormorph threat. It will require them to use their social skills. The plan for the day is to talk to the Cabinet and give speeches, but the meeting soon takes a dark turn when Terrormorphs show up and pose a serious threat to the people. The mission quickly turns into a fight against the dangerous Terrormorphs, which forces players to show off their fighting skills. After getting rid of the threat, players must go back to the MAST building to talk about what happened. If you beat these enemies, you will get 12,000 credits and 350 XP.

Friends Like These

Make the choice
Make the choice

The next mission remains closely intertwined with the escalating Terrormorph menace in Starfield. Players are tasked with accessing classified information concerning the Terrormorphs, which has been archived for security. To gain access, they must obtain access codes from two distinct sources—the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun.

Acquiring the Freestar Collective’s code can be achieved through diplomatic negotiations, while House Va’ruun offers a more direct route involving combat against hostile robots within their embassy. Regardless of the chosen path, players must secure the codes and return to the mission’s starting point to claim their rewards, including a UC Citizen ID, 350 XP, and 12,000 Credits.

The Devils You Know

In this quest, players first meet a character named Vae Victis, who says she knows important information about the Terrormorphs and wants to talk to them. After the meeting, the players are given the job of killing Dr. Reginald Orlasse, who is a key figure in finding out the truth. The mission gives them a chance to see how good they are at space fighting by trying to take out the powerful Warlock spaceship. Players can also get on board the ship to face off with Dr. Orlasse in person. No matter what way they choose, players must find proof that Dr. Orlasse died and give it to Vae Victis to get 3,800 credits and 150 XP.

War Relics

This UC Vanguard faction mission in Starfield revolves around the discovery and restoration of Kaiser, a complex quest that takes players across different planets, including Mars and the Narion System. Players must diligently follow quest markers to each location before locating Kaiser. Once located, players must collaborate with Kaiser to clear the Ecliptic Base. Returning to Mars, they will receive a reward of 9,000 Credits for their efforts.

Hostile Intelligence

Beware of the enemies
Beware of the enemies

In the penultimate mission of the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield, players must once again confront the Terrormorph threat, preparing for intense combat scenarios. The mission tasks players with assisting Hadrian in her quest to gather essential information about the Aceles, creatures capable of combating the Terrormorphs. This mission unfolds on the Toliman planet II, requiring players to gear up thoroughly for a grueling battle. Completing this faction mission successfully earns players 12,000 Credits and 350 XP.

A Legacy Forged

The epic journey culminates in the ninth and final UC Vanguard faction mission, returning to New Atlantis and the MAST building. Here, players confront Vae Victis, who attempts to sway them to his side while shifting the blame for the Terrormorph attacks onto Dr. Orlasse.

Regardless of the path players choose, they must inform the council of their decision. The council then renders its verdict on Victis’ fate. With the mission’s conclusion, players will have triumphantly completed one of the trickiest Starfield UC Vanguard quests, basking in the rewards of 350 XP and 15,600 Credits.

These nine are the Starfield UC Vanguard quests. As players beat each quest, they not only move forward in the game, but they also get access to better property in New Atlantis, which cements their place in the universe.


What is the UC Vanguard in Starfield, and how can I join?

The UC Vanguard is a heroic faction in Starfield dedicated to assisting settlements in space. To join, visit the MAST District in New Atlantis and find Commander John Tuala to initiate your journey.

There are a total of nine UC Vanguard missions. These quests revolve around unraveling the mystery of the Terrormorph threat, assisting settlers, and confronting various challenges while exploring the rich lore of the Starfield universe.

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