All Playable Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is going to be the next release from the Fire Emblem series. The tactical RPG is all set for its release on Jan 20, 2023. Here are all the playable characters from Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage is the next immediate release from the famous Fire Emblem Franchise. The game is all set to release on January 20, 2023, globally on Nintendo Switch. As already the game has been under development for a while, the team doesn’t want to delay the release of Fire Emblem Engage anymore. The tactical combat game will include some powerful playable characters. Before the game releases, the fans of Fire Emblem Engage are just looking forward to knowing all the upcoming Playable Characters, New Characters, Returning Emblem Ring Characters, Villains, and more about the game. Here’s the complete list of all the upcoming playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage Characters 

Here are all the playable characters from Fire Emblem Engage, the most expected RPG from the famous Fire Emblem Franchise is all set for its release in Jan 2023. You can use these Fire Emblem Engage Characters for producing some of the epic wins in the game.


The main protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage, Alear will appear in two forms, male and female. After going through hardships and fiery battles against the Evil Dragons, Alear has been on a long and complete rest for about 1000 years. Alear wakes up after 1000 years in Lythos Island. But this time Alear has forgotten the past and is not able to recollect the memories.  Right now the Evil Dragon returns, and Alear will again be on a mission to save the Kingdom from the evil creature. Alear gets the support from the fellow Troops and Emblems.


The mighty Alfred is going to be one of your favorite playable characters once Fire Emblem Engage releases.  Alfred is a warrior when it comes to battles and has noble as his base class.. Alfred comes out with his horse and Lande Spear with full swag and style displayed. The very first Prince from the Firene Kingdom is raring to go for the battles once again.  Alfred is going to be one of the best characters in the game. 


Celine, the noble class character, is also the first Princess of Firene. Celine is also the sister of Alfred. Celine is basically a silent girl, but when it comes to battles, she transforms herself as the most violent warrior. Celine excels through her swords and magical abilities for combat.


Diamant hails from Brodia. The Lord class Diamant is the sole Crown Prince for Brodia. Diamant’s name has already been carved in the hearts of the people from his Kingdom. Diamant is naturally an aggressive player and the swordsman is capable of slashing the enemies into pieces with his close-range ability. Diamant is an excellent DPS who can deal explosive damage to short ranged enemies.



Alcryst the Lord class player is the brother of Diamant. Alcryst is the second prince of the Brodia Kingdom. Alcryst goes to battle with his Bow. Alcryst doesn’t like his brother Diamant and he has always wanted to outdo his brother. Alcryst will do anything to defame his brother and bring a negative vibe toward him. Alcryst is going to be one of the major playable characters from Fire Emblem Engage.


The Paladin Vander comes from the Lythos region. Vander has been the savior of Divine Dragons in Lythos. Vander is also a Dragon Guardian and a great supporter of Alear. Vander goes to the battle with his mighty Sword. Witness his charisma whenever the Knight wields his Sword and Axe out in combat. Vander is one of those positive persons whom you can trust blindly. For Vander, Safeguarding the Kingdom is his first and foremost duty.


Chloe, The Knight of Firene, is a Lande Pegasus and one of the most humble characters. She has always shown her love for her Liege, Celine. Chloe attacks from aerial as she’s naturally an Air-Borne warrior. She can also deal heavy damage while in the air. She has always been a great fan of Fairy Tales and Scenery, and even loves to see pictures of the duo. Chloe has always been dependent on her Slim Lance.

Chloe Characters Fire Emblem Engage


Louis is a powerful defensive tank. The Lance Armored warrior is from the Kingdom of Firene. Louis is a great confidant to his friends and the protagonist. The Iron Lance warrior Louis has a decent attacking ability, but his defense and damage dealing are extremely good. 


The Archer girl from Firene is an aggressive player and proactive in the battles. Etie is the Knight of Firene and the daughter of Noble. She has always focused on bodybuilding and improvising her strengths. Etie enters the battle with her Bow and Arrows and is good at dealing damage and can be very effective for longer-range attacks. Overall Etie is going to be an incredible combat player and one of the best Fire Emblem Engage characters after the game’s release.


Boucheron the Axe Fighter comes from Firene. A calm and composed warrior who possesses a great attitude. Boucheron is always known for his good deeds and noble qualities. A powerful warrior, Boucheron can deal extreme damage and can attack from any range during battles. Boucheron will get more powers with every upgrade.  Boucheron is obviously one of the strongest playable characters from Fire Emblem Engage and you will witness his rage once the game is out. The Knight of Firene boasts several abilities that can be used for some of the toughest combats in the game.


These are the upcoming playable characters for Fire Emblem Engage and the best ones to go for the battles. Fire Emblem Engage will be out in January 2023, expect more updates regarding the game from the developers. We will get to know more information about the balance Fire Emblem Engage characters gameplay and stats in the upcoming days.

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